Video Tutorials


Both last year and this year, I produced videos for my students as tutorials for the lessons on Code Studio. I posted these videos on my YouTube channel as public. Recently, I was asked by to make these videos private due to students in other classrooms using them to do lessons step-by-step without trying them on their own. At my school, we use standards-based grading and instruction and students grades are based only on summative assessments (I use the projects at the end of each unit), so I don’t use completion of lessons to calculate students’ grades.

After making the videos private, I was contacted by several teachers asking what had happened to the videos because they found them really helpful for their own learning. Currently, I have only given access to students in my district through their district-created google account. I’m wondering: Should I give access to teachers who would like to use them to help their own learning so they can better support their students?


Hi Erik,

Thanks for being so understanding about the request. I think those videos are a great resource for teachers, and for students who have the maturity to use them responsibly. I’m not sure how YouTube video access works, but if there were a way for teachers to get access to them without giving unrestricted access to students, that would be ideal. You obviously put a lot of work into them, and it’d be great if there were some way to share the benefit of that work with the broader community.