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Both last year and this year, I produced videos for my students as tutorials for the lessons on Code Studio. I posted these videos on my YouTube channel as public. Recently, I was asked by to make these videos private due to students in other classrooms using them to do lessons step-by-step without trying them on their own. At my school, we use standards-based grading and instruction and students grades are based only on summative assessments (I use the projects at the end of each unit), so I don’t use completion of lessons to calculate students’ grades.

After making the videos private, I was contacted by several teachers asking what had happened to the videos because they found them really helpful for their own learning. Currently, I have only given access to students in my district through their district-created google account. I’m wondering: Should I give access to teachers who would like to use them to help their own learning so they can better support their students?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for being so understanding about the request. I think those videos are a great resource for teachers, and for students who have the maturity to use them responsibly. I’m not sure how YouTube video access works, but if there were a way for teachers to get access to them without giving unrestricted access to students, that would be ideal. You obviously put a lot of work into them, and it’d be great if there were some way to share the benefit of that work with the broader community.


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Hi Erik,
Is it possible for me to get access to your videos?
Thank you so much!

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Certainly. I just need an email address to add to my share list for the videos on YouTube.

Great! Thank you so much!

One more question: would you like unit 2, unit 3 or both?
Whichever you choose, I’ll be sending you emails for each video individually (there’s no way to share in a playlist when videos are private) with a link to the video.

Hello Erik.heineman,
can you please share me the access to videos.
I’m keen to learn codes.
I have a issue i wanted to create a QR code for one of my Google Document form.
I did that easily with help of this article ( ) and posted the picture in my classroom. Later i realized, i need something more.
I want to track that how many students has scanned that (as not everyone is filling the form)?
Is it possible?
Thank You

If you are just looking to track scans of the QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Make a shortened bitly link for the form (sign up for bitly if you need to)
  2. Use the bitly link (something like to create a QR code
  3. Give the QR code to students.
  4. Track visits on bitly’s website by clicking on the form’s shortened URL.

I’ve given this topic a great deal of thought (I had the same “issue” when I made YouTube videos for another APCSP curriculum), and I came to the conclusion that making the videos private/unlisted does a great disservice to those students who ARE mature enough to use them responsibly and for the TEACHERS that are struggling at understanding the content or instructions. I strongly disagree with’s request. Think of the students that require a little more help in understanding what is asked of them - or have hit a wall and could benefit from a video explaining the thought process. Teachers shouldn’t be grading lesson completion and should be assessing understanding/mastery instead in my opinion.

Erik, Can you please share your playlist with me?

I would be happy to. In order to see all the videos, I have to set permissions for each video. It might take some time and you will probably be receiving notifications via email that you have permission.


Thank you for taking the time to help out your fellow forum members - cheers!


Hi Erik,

May I also have access to your videos?

Thank you so much!

Hi, Eric,

I had used a few of your videos in the past but now I can’t seem to find them. Are you willing to share them with me?

Thanks a bunch!



Thank you for reaching out. I am happy to provide links to the videos. The reason why you can’t find them is because I was asked by to hide them in response to other teachers complaining that students were using them to complete lessons without trying to do them on their own first. I obliged and made the videos unlisted so they could not be found by students. I have not posted any videos for new lessons for this reason. Below are links to older CSD and AP CSP lessons, some of which may be out of date.

AP CSP 2016-17

CSD 2017-18

CSD 2018-19

It’s always encouraging to hear from teachers who found my videos helpful. I made them to help people. Thanks again for reaching out.

At this point, the videos are visible to anyone. I had been utilizing the mini-projects as part of my 2 per week grades - but now I guess I have to develop something different. Unsure why I would even use if kids can, once again, just get the answers from elsewhere without showing they have learned anything. Only grading the 2 projects at the end of the Chapters seems like far too little when the courses cover an entire 9 week grading period. Quite disappointed.

I’m not sure this is the correct topic for this post. My videos are all set to private with access for specific accounts that have contacted me and requested it. I was able to find other videos created more recently than mine that appear to be public. In my case, I was contacted by after they were contacted by teachers who said students were using them to avoid doing the work rather than as study aids. At this point, my newest videos are still 5 years old. I haven’t used the curriculum in that time, so I have not updated any videos. If videos are out there from the most current curriculum, they are not mine. If you are still concerned about this, submit something to with the names of the people who posted them on YouTube. I can assure you students are not finding my videos.

Ah - thank you. You are correct, they are not yours. They are David Decker and Mr. Kaiser. I will reach out to