More Video Tutorials

I do really believe more short video clips would be helpful for the students in each of these units to know exactly how to use the tools provided. Even the unplugged lessons. I realize the kids might be doing an activity that they do not need to use anytime of technology but it would be so helpful to have something to share with the kids to spark interest each day or a wrap-up.
Teacher Video’s would be great as well. Currently I am trying to learn how to use everything that CS Discoveries has to offer and I am a little overwhelmed with all the resources. Maybe each Unit could have a short tutorial on how to use everything and which order?

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Ms. Gigliotti,

I agree - in the beginning there are a ton of resources and a new curriculum so a lot to take in. I don’t work for but know that it takes a while to produce videos so they might not be ready in time. Maybe we can have some other teachers do a few quick videos to help out people down the road and see what the lesson activities might look like.

I also know that during your weekend workshops there will be a “Teaching Tips Live” that will walkthrough multiple lessons addressing the “tricky parts” so that might help.

Generally since this is a new curriculum, there are a bunch of resources but they all haven’t been vetted - but you are in the right place and please continue to come back and see how much the forum has grown!