CS for 7th & 8th

I’ve been tasked with developing a curriculum for my 9week classes for 7th and 8th grade. I use code studio in K-6 but am not sure I understand the CS Discoveries lessons without going to formal training. Please help!

CS Discoveries is more teacher/classroom intensive than our offerings for K-5. Certainly the training does help but many people use the lessons without training. In looking at CS Discoveries is there anything in particular that is blocking you?

Code.org Curriculum Team

Just glancing at it, the unplugged lessons always scare me. I’m someone that learns better when I can see the lesson in action. Haven’t checked to see if there are a lot of videos that show the lessons.

I run the Accelerated course and skip the Unplugged. There are lessons 1-20, but only 9 lessons are online. I do those lessons and if you count the little dots there are 98 of them and I set that to an A+. I take two weeks to do the 9 lessons. Some kids have to work at home a little each evening to stay caught up and others don’t. Then I make it due a week later after stopping so that students will have time at home over a week and weekend to catch up if needed. Hope this helps.