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Just an FYI. I almost don’t want to put this here since students can access the forum. They are recording lessons in putting them on youtube. It was only a matter of time.


Hi Carol,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Do the videos they record contain material that should not be shared, such as questions/answers to assessments? Can you clarify what the concern is? Thanks for bringing this to our attention.




Hi Carol,

It looks to me like the student is demonstrating the functionality of the app. Some of their code can be seen - is that your concern?

I’ll try to get a few more eyes on this to help me spot possible concerns.




This to me actually looks like a practice run for the video they will need to make for the create PT. They are showing how the App works. Do you have concerns about their privacy in putting these up? Are there other examples which do something different?



This is one example. I am mainly trying to stop the cheating.


Hi Carol,

Is the part you consider cheating that students are showing what the finished product should look like? From my understanding, that doesn’t go against the spirit of the lessons. However, I would consider it a problem if there are videos that explicitly feature the entire code, showing other students what they should type to get a working program.

Can you clarify exactly what about these videos constitutes as cheating to you? I’m sure a staff member would gladly weigh in and try to address your concerns. Thanks!




I often video walkthroughs as an instructional strategy to support students and I would probably not have an issue with a student who used one to complete an assignment. However, I could see how another teacher may consider that cheating or how a line could be crossed where just the solutions are posted. I find that googling is the preferred problem solving strategy across all content areas. I think this opens up a great discussion of how we assess student learning and progress. What does completion of the activity levels mean toward the learning objectives?

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That they could play it and then write the code instructions.