Unit 5 Lesson 4. Need a screen I can create

I wish code.org would have a place where I could set up a screen, for example like lesson 4 in unit 5, where my students couldn’t look up Kurt Kaiser’s youtube video and just write the code he gives. Currently some of my students are getting all the lessons correct, but are learning nothing. It would be more work for me, but I would be happy to do it so I wasn’t just getting code my students have no idea how it works or what it even means.

Sounds like something Code.org might want to address with the youtuber. Are your students virtual? My in person kiddos wouldn’t be able to access those videos without my seeing them. In the end, the proof is in the pudding. There won’t be any video assistance on the AP CS test. It might be worth pointing that out to students.

We are virtual for the next two weeks. When we get back, we will only have half our students each day, with one half attending class every other day.

I use CodeHS for other classes and they are very aggressive pursuing online solutions, under copyright violations. I’m a bit surprised that Code.org seems not to be. While I agree that students can benefit from having examples and guidance online, full solutions are more likely to be abused than used

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