PD vs AP Summer Institute


Hello All!
Trying to get some more info on the upcoming training. I am part of a partnership district and got into the Atlanta training.
My higher-ups want to know if they also need to send me to the College Board’s AP Summer Institute as well. I know this is the now the official AP course. All of our other AP teachers have had to go to the AP Summer Institutes in order to be qualified/certified to teach AP courses. Will I need to go to both? I have never done an AP course before so this is new territory for me.

Looking forward to teaching CSP next year!



I’m curious about this, as well. Thanks for posting the question.


I’m also in the same situation and our district has stated that the training for APCSP will count as an AP Institute.


Good to know, but as of last week, it was not listed on the AP Summer Institute website.


This is a great question, @susi_price!

There are two different kinds of workshops at play here: AP Summer Institutes (APSIs) and Endorsed Workshops.

  • APSIs are curriculum agnostic, meaning that they’re designed to cover the CSP framework, AP exams (both fixed response and performance tasks), and general strategies and techniques like recruitment and running an equitable classroom.
  • Endorsed Workshops have been reviewed by the College Board to ensure that providers are putting emphasis on the same topics (the framework, AP exams, recruitment, equity, etc), but they ALSO provide support with the specific curriculum they’re associated with. is not the only endorsed partner, others include Project Lead the Way, Mobile CSP, Beauty and Joy of Computing, and Thriving in our Digital World. All of these projects have been evaluated by the College Board to make sure that their PD covers the same material as an APSI (plus some), and the curricula have been been reviewed to ensure that they cover the curriculum framework.

Note that the College Board doest not require attendance at a Summer Institute in order to teach an AP course (your district, however, may have requirements related to completing an APSI). In the case that you are planning to teach an endorsed curriculum, the College Board recommends participating in the associated PD program. Also note that because we are an endorsed PD partner, we will not show up on the APSI list, as that’s a different program.

Please let me know if you have other questions!



Thank you for the reply! I will pass this on to the powers that be above me. :slight_smile:


Thanks Brook. I have another question related to this. If I am using’s curriculum, is it okay for me to submit’s syllabus? ( )


Hi Carol,

You will be able to pick the CSP Syllabus as a pre-approved syllabus on the College Board website. So I’m pretty sure you won’t even have to upload the file!



I applied for the White House Initiative Scholarship and got it. I will be attending both the training in Atlanta and a local APSI training here in Miami. More training doesn’t hurt, especially since this is my first time teaching the AP course.