AP College Board: Syllabus Process



I have been through the AP College Board Syllabus Submission Process before but I was wondering if anyone has tried submitting the incredible CODE.org’s Syllabus to get approved?

I must say, it is one of the most detailed I have ever read, Great job to the code.org team! Bravo!


hi joe, thanks for your kind words!

yes-- we have submitted our syllabus for review. once it’s approved you’ll be able to indicate in the audit that you’re teaching our curriculum, and be able to avoid going through the syllabus review piece yourself.


ALSO, will code.org have any training for teachers who are not part of the districts/cities you partner with? I am planning my summer PD schedule now and would love to attend some code.org PD if you’re planning on offering it.



Thanks for the great syllabus too! I have the same question as Joe and hopefully we can get the good news soon!!


I have the same question as Katie too!


I’ve been teaching ECS this past year and my district is sending me to the college board’s PD. Does anyone know if the college board PD will provide a curriculum like the code.org’s PD? I’ve emailed collegeboard, but have not received any solid answers.
I won’t be able to attend 2 PD’s this summer and want to plan accordingly.


great question, @dzulkiewski

The College Board’s Summer Institutes (APSI) are not related to any specific curriculum-- instead they’re focused on the framework more generally as well as the AP exam at the end of the year.

The code.org PD is in the process of being evaluated by the College Board to make sure it covers the same key concepts as an APSI, as well as diving deeper into our curriculum.


hey, @kaitie_obryan!

we do have a waitlist for teachers from outside of our partner districts, which you can fill out here.


I was wondering if you had a time frame for when CODE might be approved by AP?


we anticipate getting the final approval in the next month or two.


thank you very much.


Do we know when it will be approved because at this time my district is NOT allowing me to attend because Code.org is not on the approved program list. The local workshop is the same week as yours so I have to go the the local workshop.


I was just thinking the same thing since I am starting to get some pressure as to when I am submitting the syllabus. Any word on an approval date from AP Central?



Hey, @lindanoss and @jkeays!

Code.org currently is listed as “under review to be an endorsed provider”, here.

We’re hoping the review process is completed this month, at which point we’ll also be able to release the approved syllabus number for audit!

Thanks for your patience!



Any update on this - do you have the syllabus id so we can submit the syllabus ?


Still no update :disappointed: . We are still waiting on the college board review process to finish. We will let you know as soon as we know.



Dani, it looks like it got accepted, congratulations if I am reading it correctly. When will the Google Drive Lesson Plans be updated to match the current Unit Structure?



That is an ongoing process that will continue over the summer. We are trying to get things updated as quickly as possible but the priority will be to have Units 1 and 2 up in the new structure by the beginning of training this summer. The later units will follow after that.



It looks like the syllabus has been approved, where can we get the code to submit our syllabus


If you go to the following link https://code.org/educate/csp, you will be able to download the syllabus (so you can upload it to the College Board site) and also see that the syllabus number is 1648108v1.

I just did mine (within the last hour) with no issues.