ECS vs AP CSP Curriculum


I taught ECS this past year to 118 students, 42 of them will be joining me in the new AP CSP class this fall. As I go through the CSP curriculum and syllabus I can’t help but see overlap and common units. Am I missing something? What am I supposed to do with the AP curriculum, we did some of this last year. I’m worried about disconnect and student interest.
Thanks for the help


I have the same issue (not as many for both numbers). I only got through 4 units of ECS since it was half credit class. I plan on repeat the material, but going deeper in our discussions.


I totally agree, I have 10 students that completed the CSP last year now they are in my AP CSP, now should they be in this class or some where else?


How many courses included in CODE.ORG? ECS, CSP and AP CSP?


@vanessa_bruton did these students take’s CSP course last year or did you mean “ECS”? I haven’t taught ECS but I have seen the curriculum, and the overlap.

@dzulkiewski I would certainly use professional judgement there! @jlindy had great advice about going deeper in discussions. Also, you have the benefit of knowing what the Ss were interested in last year so you can tap into that and go further in that direction. It might also be a good time to firm up their writing skills and do more writing practice on technology in the news. I am having my students do a blog this year with what they see in the news and the impact that technology has in society. Maybe something like that would help supplement your class?

Finally, I know has a really great post-AP set of materials that include more advanced programming structures/tools. If you have time you could go through that material as well!


This is where I am confuse, I stated out with ECS then my students move to CSP now they move to AP CSP which is the same, should these student be in another program? How many component are there of because I though there are 3.


As far as I know for high school there are only two courses - ECS and AP CSP. The CSP course last year was a pilot for the AP CSP course. Last year there were more lessons in CSP as compared to the current APCSP. Some of those extra lessons are now optional. So CSP and AP CSP are essentially the same courses