Welcome to CSA 22-23: Introduce Yourself!

Introduce yourself to the CSA teacher community!

  • What is your name?
  • What grade levels do you teach?
  • What in CSA are you most excited about?

This is Ginny Listman, Computer Science Teacher at James Madison High School in Vienna VA. I teach 4 levels of CS with AP CS-A being the second level. Although I have a curriculum I have been using for 10 years or so, I am looking to switch to something that will accommodate my retirement. I plan on working through the code.org curriculum this summer to implement in the fall. Looking forward to collaborating with others!

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Ron here, will be bringing CS to my school here in Iowa for the first time with AP CSA and AP CSP. My primary role is as the Gifted and Talented instructor, but my previous background was in Information Technology and I am looking forward to getting some students introduced to CS (it is the 21st Century afterall…

Hi fellow CSA Teachers. My name is Jane and I live and work in Jacksonville, Florida. I will be teaching CSA for the first time during the 2022-2023 school year for a small group of students. In all of my courses I teach grades 9-12, but CSA this year will probably have all seniors. I am looking forward to learning JAVA along with my students and giving them another AP Computer Course - I also teach AP CSP. This past year my AP CSP course was comprised of students in grades 10-12. I have been teaching computer courses for over 25 years and have seen a lot of positive changes. I am excited that Code.org has added CSA to their list of online courses available for students and that is is recognized by AP College Board.

Hi - my name is Stephen - I teach in Montgomery CO, MD. I have been teaching for 30+ years, the past 15 in computer science. I am planning to try the Code.org CSA curriculum this year to better reach all of my students and to hopefully help hold their engagement with the content. I am looking for any other Code.org CSA teachers who also use Canvas as a LMS to share ideas with as well.