Computer Science in Science PD: Meet and Greet

Introduce yourself (name, years taught, school, background, subject, grade, past experience with CS, etc.) Then come back later and read other entries and introduce yourself on another teachers thread (find and comment on something you have in common).

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My name is Sandy. I have over 18 years of experience teaching middle schools science. Before that I worked at the elementary level.

Hi! My name is Anita Waravdekar (war-of-deck-er : the name looks harder than it sounds). I am in my 7th year of teaching middle school science, mainly 8th grade. Before that, I was a stay-at-home mom. A long time ago, I worked as a medical technologist in microbiology.

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Hi my name is Kathleen. I am a middle school science teacher. I have been teaching middle school for over 20 years.

Hi my name is Deborah. I teach middle school science, Biology, Physical Science, and Science Research. I’ve also coached VEX robotics. I have been teaching for over 16 years.

My name is Tracie. I have taught most Biology courses at the high school level and Health for about 20 years. This is my second year at the middle school level and I teach Life Science.

Hello, my name is Latasha. I have been teaching for tweleve years and I am very excited to work with my Science Department introducing CS to our Middle School Students.

Hello, my name is Ihuaku. I have been teaching science and health for the past 5 years. I am curious about how to teach science with computer science. It should be a great experience for me and the students.

Hello, I am Paul. I have taught for 15 years. I am very excited to teach computer science in science class.

Hey Science Super Stars,

I am SteveO I am a Computer Science Middle School teacher. I have been with Post Falls Middle School for 10 years now and was at the University of Idaho for 8 years before that in the College of Education. Gotta love what has in store for us!!!

My name is Patty and I have been teaching middle school science for 16 years. This year I started teaching a computer technology class and have been introducing coding to my students.

Hello! My name is Alana Wells. I teach 7th graders life science. I have been teaching 7th graders for 4 years. I also taught 8th graders earth science for 3 years.

My Name is Darcy Aspinall, I am teaching 8th Grade Earth Science. Prior to this year I taught High School Science for 10 years.

My name is Sharon Chorba. I have been teaching Computer Science for 11 years. I love computers, science and math and I am excited about them coming together with GUTS and Bootstrap.


Hi, my name is Dorothy. I have taught life science for 15 years, most of them in Orange County, CA. I am looking forward to new lessons that integrate technology in my instruction.

My name is Sarah Gordy. I have taught middle school Science for 12 years (6-8 grade). I have also taught social studies at the middle level. Both my Bachelor and Master degrees are in education. I am currently finishing the last course to gain admin. certification. I begin my internship this summer!

Glad you sounded out your last name :smile: I also teach 8th grade science!

Hi, my name is Luisa. I teach eight graders. I am excited in learning computer science but a little bit anxious since I am not good in using computer.

My name is Laci and I am currently in my first year of teaching. I am a 7th grade science teacher at William Thomas Middle School in American Falls, Idaho. I don’t have any past experience in computer science, but I am excited to learn about it.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jodie Hale, and I have been teaching secondary science for 9 years. I live in Pocatello, Idaho, and I currently teach online full time for IDLA as a lead science teacher. I have not had any experience with CS, but I am excited to learn and to bring CS into my existing science courses.