- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction

Now let’s get to know you

Through the next year of PD we’ll be working to develop your local cohort of teachers into a community of practice that will allow you to grow and develop as a teacher with the support of your peers. The first step to building that community is getting to know one another. Tell us all a little bit about yourself:

  • Where and what do you teach?
  • Why are you interested in Computer Science?
  • What do you like to do outside of the classroom?

Once you’ve posted your introduction, please take a moment to read through and comment on everyone else’s intros.

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I teach computer science grades 6 - 8 at Dacula Middle School in Gwinnett County This is my 21st year teaching and throughout my career I have taught language arts, social studies, science, and math. I taught 8th grade made for the majority of my career, but recently changed to computer science.

I have always been interested in technology because it is ever changing and am intersted in computer science because I am intrigued with coding.

Outside of the classroom I spend time with family, friends, and my two dogs Cooper and Wrigley.

My name is Lauren Scherer, I teach 6th and 7th grade math and Algebra at Nettelhorst Elementary in Lakeview. I’ve never had much experience in computer science, so I am looking forward to learning and learning along with my students. Outside of the classroom I teach zumba classes, read nerdy math novels, and spend time with my Cat, Pythagoras.

I teach 6th grade gifted earth science and an 8th grade computer science connection at Osborne Middle School in Gwinnett County. Next year, I will be teaching just a computer science connection. I am interested in computer science because I believe our students will benefit greatly from it. My main love outside the classroom is riding my bike.

Hello everyone, my name is John (Rolston) and I teach 8th grade Algebra at San Fernando Middle School (LAUSD.) I am very excited about teaching this course as a means to engage the students in a math class that they do not always enjoy taking. Of course the Algebra students are much more interested in doing math than the others, so I am hoping that as they begin seeing what can be done by knowing math, and as the Alg. students get excited, then the lower students will be more attuned to continuing learning.

Outside of class - I am in class, generally, since I also teach at the university in the evening; otherwise I am playing chess or reading (my first degree was in literature, so, as my first love, I enjoy having time to spend with a novel.)

Hello!! I teach 8th grade math and algebra at Rolling Hills Local Schools in Byesville, Ohio. I’ve always been interested in how to incorporate more technology into my classes. Computer science is an ever changing and growing field. My students will benefit in their future college and career choices by learning these technology skills. Outside of the classroom I coach swimming and track and field. I also enjoy spending time with my fiance, Kyle, and our dog Madison.

I teach computer science/ graphic design at Thomas Starr King Middle School in Los Angeles. I have dabbled with several programming languages on my own, but have never really attempted to do much with the students, outside of the Hour of Code. My hope is to figure out at way to interest kids in programming, while learning how to teach it vs working with it on my own.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking with my 8 year old twins.

My name is Jacob Schmitt and I teach 7th and 8th grade technical mathematics at Marysville Middle School. I participated in the hour of code this year with my 7th grade students and got an overwhelming positive response from them. The buzz of the class sparked others in my building and district to look deeper into code.

I believe by adding coding into my school it will promote higher level learning and allow other students to access math at a high level.

Outside of the classroom, I am busy with my three year old and my one month old daughter. They are the greatest thing that ever happen to me. I also love to fly fish.

My name is Zac Murphy. I teach 7th grade math at Metro Early College Middle School. My interactions with coding is pretty limited, but I’m excited to learn what I can through this program and to bring it back to my school. I believe that this will be great way to get our students excited about math.

Outside of the classroom I love doing crossfit and anything active outside. I spend a lot of time hike and hammocking when the weather is nice enough.

My name is Fawn Stallions and I teach math and science at New Plymouth Middle School. I teach students in grades 6-8. I am interested in teaching computer science as technology is always changing and it is important that our young adults receive training in this field. I am excited to incorporate computer science into our math curriculum. This will be a great example for the never ending math class question “When will I ever use this?”.

In my spare time, I attend my two children’s athletic events. I also like to spend time camping and riding horses.

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The hour of code created a large amount of interest in the program for our district as well.

Hey Absolutely Assume Algebraians,

I am a Computer Science teacher with Post Falls Middle School. I look forward to learning the way:-)

Hi all! I teach middle school math at Hamilton Elementary in Chicago.

The earliest programming memory that I have is the old TI-81’s. They were just being used with regularity when I was in HS and I can remember creating all kinds of games (guess the number, football, coin counting,etc…) from scratch on the basic programming abilities it offered. I needed to take a programing course to get my math bachelor’s and I guess that sparked the interest I found at an early age.

Outside of class I run, play golf, spend time with my family (wife and a toddler). I have forgotten what free time is, but it’s all worth it!

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My name is Robin Brown. I teach 6-8th grade math in Eatonville School District, just outside Mt. Rainier National Park. I’m excited to give my students an opportunity to apply their algebra knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Outside of school I enjoy swing dancing and competing in pinball tournaments.

My name is Jill Slesinski and I teach Project-Based Math at Nova Middle School. I am interested in Computer Science in Algebra because students need to be prepared to enter a globally competitive, 21st century, workforce. Other than teaching, I enjoy playing soccer, gardening, going to the beach, and stand up paddle boarding. I’m excited to learn more about Computer Science!

Good Morning,

My name is Nicole Brown. I teach math at Bair Middle School. I studied computer information systems in college. In my spare time, I read quite a bit and work to expand the family enterprise!

I am Jean Galiotte and I teach Mathematics at Lauderhill 6-12 for 6th and 7th graders. I am interested in Computer Science to further expand my knowledge on technology to better enhance my classroom environment for the students.
Outside of the classroom, I enjoy tutoring students who are struggling in math.

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My name is Valerie Bolek and I teach computer education to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade in the Chicago Public Schools. I introduced my younger students to a few years ago and they really seemed to enjoy it. This got me more interested in it too. I liked seeing my students enthusiastic about and successful in coding.

Outside of school I travel and spend time with family and friends.

Hi, I’m Jasmine from Keller Regional Gifted Center. I’m the Algebra and math middle school teacher. I love incorporating new things into my teaching especially technology. I think that giving my students an opportunity to learn computer science will better prepare them for their future.

If I ever have a spare moment, I enjoy visiting new restaurants and traveling.

My name is Jeanne Anderson. I teach 8th grade algebra and pre-algebra at William Thomas Middle School in American Falls, Idaho. I signed up for the class because my principal recommended it for all of our math and science teachers and I am interested in using the material learned in my classes. Outside of school I am a home body. I enjoy cross stitch and quilting.