Meet and Greet (CS in Science)


Meet others who are learning to teach CS in Science!



I am a science teacher in Bountiful Utah. I have taught for 16 years. I have taught life science physical science, math, earth systems and physics. In my school district, we have junior highs. I am currently teaching physics to the high school students at our school (9th graders) and physical science to the 8th graders. I am looking forward to adding coding to my curriculum. Coding is a new experience for me.


My name is Renette Hawthorne. I am currently a STEM Science teacher at Silver Lakes Middle School in North Lauderdale, Florida . I have taught earth/space, life, and physical science for 16 years. Currently, I am teaching a STEM elective course with a strong emphasis on the sciences. My past experiences with coding are limited to hour of code week. I am looking forward to being able to add more coding into my curriculum.


Good evening! My name is Sandy Cordova and I live in Southern Utah and teach in St. George at George Washington Academy. I will be starting my 4th year teaching. My first year I taught 6th grade in an all inclusive setting and loved it. The last two years I have taught just 6th grade Science and Social Studies and completely dig it! Next year I will be teaching Science and the Tech6 class.I have a little experience with coding, but have not been afraid to try new things in other CS areas. I can’t wait to learn how to apply coding to creating science models.


Good Day to to all!! My name is Christopher Warren and I have taught 7th and 8th grade science here in Houston, TX. I am going into my 4th year of teaching and i will be teaching robotics, code, STEM, and i will be certified to teach CS after my test in August. I’m looking forward to growing in this area while hopefully bringing something to the table as well…


I am a Business Teacher in Ogden Utah. I have taught for 6 years. I teach Keyboarding, College and Career Awareness, AVID, and Word Processing. I have some experience coding, however it is not a strength of mine. I have used in my classroom for about the last 5ish years.


Hi All! My name is Sarah and I live and work in Miami, Florida. I’m wrapping up my 14th year teaching—I can’t believe it’s been that long. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to training next week because I don’t have much experience with computer science. It sure seems like my middle school science students will benefit.



I am an instructional coach at a middle school. Before becoming a coach I taught two years of Earth Science and 5 years of math. I have not had any experience with coding. I am looking forward to learning about coding.


Hey Everyone!!

My name is Heather Pool I am entering my 9th year of teaching science. I began by teaching high school chemistry and then I found my niche in middle school. I currently work at Adams middle school in Brentwood, CA and I work with 8th graders. My degree is in Chemistry and I did a little work in Chemical engeneering while in college so I have a little know how when it comes to computer science but I am definitely rusty!!

I am really looking forward to this new adventure and I cannot wait to bring it into the classroom!


I am a business teacher with emphasis on college to career awareness and computer applications (MOS) . I also teach one class of 6th grade math. My school is located in sunny North Miami Beach Florida. This is my 20th year teaching. Currently I am teaching in a middle school. I have taught ESE, math and information technology. My past experience with coding limited. I am looking forward to learning more about coding. .


Hi, I am Diane and have little to no experience with CS. I have been teaching for 25 years, mostly elementary school 4th and 5th grade. For the past two year I have been teaching 6th grade science at the middle school in Pleasant Hill, California. I am looking forward to this technology challenge.


Hi all, my name is Rosa Veliz. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Astronomy, and Education. I have been teaching for 32 years; twelve of them in my native country of Cuba teaching Physics at the University. I came to the US in 1996, and I started teaching in the Miami Dade County Public School System since 2000. I’ve been teaching in my middle school for about 13 years, teaching Math and Science. I’m currently trying to start using CS in my classes in order to use computer science concepts in computer programming, conducting experiments, and engaging in scientific inquiry using models and simulations.


Hi, Sarah. My name is Rosa Veliz. I also live and work in Miami. I read your comment about the CS program and I think that we have something in common. I don’t have much experience with CS either. I usually work with some online programs that I’m familiar with, but I need to learn how to use in my classes.



My name is Eden and I teach in the California Bay Area in Crockett. In the past 11 years I’ve taught every grade from 4th to 8th, but have mostly been focused on math and science with those crazy middle schoolers. Next year I plan on teaching 7th grade math and science. I don’t have much experience with coding, but I’m looking forward to learning more about it.


Hi! My name is Kristin and I have been teaching 6th grade in St. George, UT for the past 22 years. I currently teach science in an intermediate school. I have offered a class in my school for the past 3 years. I have completed the advanced course, but I leave most of the coding to my students. I am excited to bring coding into my science classroom. I just think it will be another leg up for my students and their futures. I can’t believe how much has changed in such a short time. Whoo hoo!


Hello. My name is Amy and I’ve been teaching middle school science in Pleasant Hill, California for 19 years. I’ve done small CS projects with my students during science class, mainly using Scratch. I’m excited to learn more ways to integrate computer science into core classes like science.


Hi, My name is Bobette. I teach special education including an adapted science class in Payson Ut. I have been teaching for 8 years. I have participated in the hour of code for the last two. I am looking forward to the hands on modeling. I think it will help my students visualize what they are learning.


Hello. My name is Maggie and I teach 7th grade science in Roy, UT at Sand RIdge Jr High. I have been teaching for 14 years, both High School and Jr High and LOVE 7th grade the best. I have a Biology degree and a Master’s degree in Middle School Science. I am familiar with CODE.ORG and am super excited to learn all the program has to offer my students.


Hello, I am Stephanie, and I teach College Career Awareness - Business, ESL, and Creative Coding in Ogden, Utah. I am excited for this opportunity!


HI Heather. See you tomorrow.