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HI I’m new to Code.org. My name is Deepali Verma, I teach at Ponce De Leon Middle school. This is my 15th year of teaching Science. I’m hoping to get some information from the workshop to motivate the new generation of students.My background Graduate degree in Physical Analytical Science with Nanotechnology and I’ve always taught Science.

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Hi - I am Amy Holzenberg and I teach 6th grade Earth & Space science at Silver Trail Middle in Pembroke Pines. This will be my tenth year teaching full time. It is my second career & I love it.
I am looking forward to this course as I am hesitant about incorporating technology - there are so many programs/apps to choose from.

HI, My name is Jana Lee. I am starting my 5th year teaching 7th grade science. I participated in hour of code and I’m looking forward to working with CS in science. I teach in a rural part of our county at Callahan Middle school.

I am very new to coding. My name is Gail and I currently work with the Gila County Educational Service Agency where I lead professional development for the nine county school districts. I am also a board member with ASTA and will enjoy learning many things through this new platform.

This is exciting that you can bring this information to your rural area. All of the schools districts in Gila County are considered rural, some more than others. It will great to talk with you more on how you can use this in your rural school.