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My name is Argentina Amores and I have been teaching science for the past 11 years. Originally, I started as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist and after 10 years decided to go into teaching. Science has always been my passion. This year I was thrilled to know that our District had initiated the Code.Org. for students to try out. I did use this in my science classroom and found students to be very receptive to it’s lessons. Many of my students found they could be really good at coding and wanted to continue learning more. This is why I decided to be the leader in my school for the next computer science class elective we will be offering to our students.

My name is Matthew Jefferson. I have been teaching for 5 years. The past 4 have been at Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet where I teach Upper Elementary (4-6 grade) in a self-contained classroom. I think Computer Science is a curriculum area that will be growing significantly in the next 5-10 years and plan to use this curriculum to begin exposing students to the discipline from a young age. My students love technology and I am excited for them to develop their computer skills further in context of science instruction. Hopefully, I can use this to get more colleagues on board and grow a computer science program within my school.

My name is Patricia. I have been teaching science and Intro to Robotics at a K-8 Center for the past 3 years. The students really enjoy when we participate in the activities. I would also like to learn how to add coding to my regular science classes.

My name is Jordan Donohue. I have been teaching for 2 years. I currently teach at Clarke N. Johnson Junior High. I teach 7th grade integrated science. I first heard of the opportunity to join the Computer science in science cohort when I went to a training for MESA. I learned more about Code.Org and went home and tried it out for myself. I knew my MESA students would love it. I incorporated an hour of code day once a month for the remaining of the year and they loved it. I want to give my students more opportunities to learn to code and understand how to use a computer. I really don’t know too much about coding and computers but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to learn and better prepare my students for future careers in computer science.

I can relate to how students are so receptive to coding and computer science. I first introduced hour of code from to an after school science club last year and that was the quietest I’ve ever heard that group of students. they were so focused and driven to learn more. It was very exciting to see them design or create their own games. It’s amazing how fast this generation of students catch on to technology and what they can create.

My name is Julianne Russell and I teach 6-8th grade math classes at St. Joseph’s in Boise, Idaho. I began my teaching as a highschool teacher- so I really enjoy helping to clarify some areas that I know cause students struggles later on down the road. I have enjoyed Hour of Code and decided that I was rready to take the next step and see if I could incorporate coding into my classes (algebra I and possibly PreAlgebra when appropriate)