Welcome to CSD 2022-23---Introduce Yourself

We’re excited you’re here! Introduce yourself.
How did you learn about Computer Science Discoveries? Are you part of a Code.org cohort?

From ESC20 and our awesome code.org facilitators Tasha and Susan!

Hi. I’m Cristi . I am currently attending the CSD workshop.

Hi I am Pamela. I teach Kindergarten. I am looking forward to the CS Discoveries Activities.

Hi! It is great to see such an active and helpful teacher forum. I’m sure I will use it! My name is Abby Hankee and my district is starting a STEMM academy. I am a math teacher who will have one coding class, so this is all new to me. Wish me luck! Code.org seems to have a very comprehensive and user friendly setup. Computer Science Discoveries was recommended by the supervisor of our STEMM academy.

Hi, I’m Greg. I teach middle school. My 6th graders learn Computer Science Discoveries or Critical Thinking/Graphic Design. My 7th graders learn Critical Thinking based upon math and science including robotics. My 8th graders learn Digital Information Technology.
I am currently in the training provided by Adriana and Michael here in Central Florida.


I learned about Code.org many years ago, and now am in a cohort! CSinCLE-CSD

Glad to be here.

I’m Michelle. I teach STEAM to my students in Middle School 6-8. I will be doing my second year with working with Code.org. All of my classes will be working on web development this year, but the 6th grade will also be doing problem solving and computing. I am currently in training with Jen and Elizabeth in CS for CLE.

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Hi…I’m part of the cohort CS in CLE CSD with our WONDERFUL facilitators Elizabeth and Jenny. I use both Discoveries and Fundamentals in the classroom with my gr. 4-8 students.

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My name is Ty Ray. I am in the worshop and going to lunch

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Hi, y’all! I’m Glenn Bailey, Jr., an instructional specialist at iSTEM Early College High School in Northeast Ohio. I’m excited to incorporate more of the CSD curriculum throughout our campus and as part of the CS in CLE cohort.

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Hi!! I’m part of the cohort in CSinCLE CSD. We have had a great week with facilitators Elizabeth and Jenny!! We are heading to lunch!!

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Hello, My name is Taylor and Im new to the Computer Science community. I have taught middle school science for 5 years and now I will be teaching CS. I am ready for my fresh start with new students in my new building. If you have any pointers feel free to leave me a comment. I need all the help I can get! Thanks In Advance!!

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Hello!! My name is Sally and I’m returning to teach CSD. The first time I taught CSD was in 2018/19, and this upcoming year I will have 2 sections of CSD! I also teach Social Studies and am currently teaching in Michigan (the thumb!).
I’m part of the Cohort in Grand Rapids, MI.

I am new to computer science but have been teaching high school mathematics for over 30 years. I am very excited to explore and learn right along side my students.

Dave Goodrich

Hi! I’m Beth Beard and I teach grades 3-8 Technology and PLTW in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m having a blast learning all about code.org and CS Discoveries!

Hi everyone, I’m Nick Anderson and I am a first year CS Discoveries teacher! I am currently part of a Code.org cohort in Maryland. I will be teacher high schoolers, most 9th and 10th graders, and I’m really looking forward to it! I wasn’t planning on switch subjects but I’m glad I’ll have some CS sections this year!

Hello, I’m Paige Fost and this will be my first year teaching CSD. I will also be teaching Core 8 mathematics, I’m looking forward to learning more about Code.org

I am Anne Merrell. This will be my first real year teaching CSD to 8th graders. I am currently part of a cohort in Maryland.

Hello! My name is Patricia Bankins.
I learned about CS Discoveries through a colleague. My cohort is a group of teachers from all over the state of Maryland, who are taking the course virtually.
We have great group of teachers with a diverse backgrounds that have experience working with different population. It has really calmed my worries about teaching the course. I hope my contributions to class have been value adding. Good luck planning for the this school year.
Take care, Patricia