CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


This thread is for sharing about your experience at a 5-day CS Discoveries Workshop!


I have never used Pair Programming before and I am curious to see how it works out in my classroom this year. :slight_smile:


This week I have learned the scope and sequence for CS Disco. :slight_smile: I have made connections with peers this week to help me navigate piloting this course at my middle school. I specifically learned how to navigate the website, implement lessons, and how to teach code using the problem solving model.


I learned and used html for the first time today! It was what was “scary” to me. I found the way it is formatted, it’s not so scary after all!


So far this week I have begun learning HTML. I am very excited to continue to learn and practice this skill!


Pair programming was something that I had never seen utilized using Code.org. My students already did informal pair programming, but the using this tool that Code.org has created with benefit my class greatly.


I learned about intellectual property today and how Creative Commons works!


Teacher Con has been amazing! The creative commons lesson was especially helpful. I am looking forward to using this lesson in my class.


I really enjoyed the Creative Commons discussion today in the Window Box


I learned more about creative commons and how it applies to work created by myself as well as work that I use from others.


I presented in my TLO today the lesson on Creative Commons. I teach my students about copyright but have never seen nor heard about Creative Commons. I am excited to include this new concept into my classroom teaching.


I frequently have students work in pairs and I will probably rotate it after every unit.


I am excited about teaching CS Discoveries next year. This has been an amazing conference that I have thoroughly enjoyed! I have learned a great deal and met some wonderful people along the way!


I know that there is a very good video in the website: NetSmartz.org about how a person/predator can find everything out about a student in about 8 minutes. It’s a very good video.


I want to have access to Computer Fundamentals for my 6th grade class, although I have not attended the training. Will I be able to get that course in my drop-down by the end of the workshop.


Lwatson: The CS Fundamentals courses are already available for all of your classes, regardless of training. You should be able to find them in the drop down menu of courses. You should see a list of Courses 1-4, which have been around for a few years now, as well as Courses A-F which are in beta right now. Let me know if you need help finding either!


I really benefited from the paired programming lesson as well as the information about how to move and transfer students between sections and teachers.


I really knew nothing about code.org before this week, so I have learned a lot about how to use this curriculum to teach a CS class. I have also met lots of great people :-).


I learned methods to use to differentiate instruction for CS topics and lessons


I knew nothing about coding before this week except my brother is an IT guy and codes many things. After i worked through a few things on web Lab, i started getting really good and writing html code and debugging codes