CS Principles 5-Day Summer Workshop Sharing!


This thread is for sharing about your experience at a 5-day CS Principles Workshop!


Sweet! We found this for completing the Scavenger Hunt 3: Forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have learned how it is a good idea to not finish many activities- sometimes you have to just wrap it up to move on- but get the CONCEPT solid first. Activity B4 Concept, Concept B4 Vocabulary! ABC/CBV :relieved:


That means you are doing an excellent job and I’m sure your workshop facilitators are very proud of you. I’m also sure your workshop facilitators are outstanding fantastic remarkable people. And very modest.


Hey everybody! I learned all about the forum and all the resources available to us.


I found this for completing the Scavenger Hunt 3: Forum. I learned that forum is a great resource from suggestions from other teachers to help in areas of weakness.


I have loved the organization that the Code.org staff has exhibited. Julie and Steve are AWESOME!


Found it!
I really love the ABC/CBV!!!


I learned about CSS, I’ve only ever used HTML for website building. I also learned how to navigate the lesson plans and teacher end of all of the curriculum.


Chad and Renee are ROCKSTARS! They are so patient, thorough, and fun!


The search engine seraches before you put in a question.


Nebraska Nice for sure!


Whew! Found it while completing the scavenger hunt! Woo hoo from NC!!


I have learned more html tags!!!


I have learned how to use the forum to look for resources for our lessons!


I learned what binary is! XD


Great resources! The 5-Day workshop has prepared me to teach CSP.


Enjoyed meeting and collaborating with so many wonderful teachers! :heart_eyes:


I have learned so much and looking forward to using the curriculum in my password. Jackie and Brian are great facilitators!!!


Same here! This has been as interesting week but I need to spend a lot more time digging into this content.