CS Discoveries 5 Day Summer Workshop- Lumity2018

Hey just wanted to say that we all learned a lot from each other and l am looking forward to implementing this in our classrooms. I hope we can continue to share with each other what works… Also, what doesn’t work!


I am making a Bug Wall.


I am going to get better buy in from all the teachers in my building

I learned a lot so far this week. Even though I teach ELA, I can see how everything I’ve learned will fit into my curriculum and help my students to become better students not only in my class, but also in their other classes as well. To me besides learning computer science, it’s changing their approach to learning and thinking.

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It’s only Day 3 and I have learned more than I could ever imagine! So excited to take all my information and share with my coworkers! Thank you, Code.org for allowing this opportunity!

It’s been a great week! Would love to keep up with ya’ll on CS teacher twitter! @jeforste

To introduce the Pair Programming, I think I will be using the Empathy Toy https://twentyonetoys.com/pages/empathy-toy. There is a builder and a guide. It would be a great unplugged activity. I also use it in different variations. There is a game where the builder can only say, “I get it,” or “I don’t get it.” I like to play this to discuss effective questioning. When I hear a lot of “I don’t get it,” in my class, we play this!


This has been great. I have learned a lot, and I appreciate sharing of resources and ideas. That’s what makes us better teachers!

Thanks for sharing this! Great idea!

Having an extensive platform that will support an entire course is outstanding. Some of the piecemeal approach to creating coding tools has led to some scattershot lessons throughout the CS community.

It is nice having it all in one spot, helping to fill in the gaps!

I finally understand HTML! I highly recommend this workshop.

I’m really enjoying this workshop so far this week. I’ve learned a lot about Code.org and HTML.

I have also learned a lot this week.

New teaching strategies A.B.C/C.B.V.

Creative Commons is the bees knees.

I am exited about the learning and the encouragement and support of our Lead Learner teachers and my classmates! What a great learning community!

Love the Debugging explanation!!

Does anyone have any information on the workshop scheduled for tomorrow. I have not received any updates via email. Any information you offer would be appreciated.