CS Discoveries 5-Day Summer Workshop '20

This workshop has presented new challenges because we are unable to meet in person. We have used Zoom as our platform, and it is new to most of us. Although challenging, it has made me more self-reliant to navigate the code.org website. Our facilitators have done a fantastic job considering the huge adjustment to meeting online.


I’ve learned about many resources I can use to improve my use of code.org in the classroom or when teaching online.

there are so many helpful resources - lots of help with docs and videos

I like the zoom workshop especially the breakout rooms. It feels more like being in a workshop and having time to discuss the lessons.

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I have learned about so many helpful resources/lessons that are available within Code.org. Also, how to maneuver between student/teacher screens.

I am enjoying collaborating with other teachers across the state and hearing what they are doing in their class rooms!

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I have enjoyed the workshop so far. There are many great takeways that have been provided through TLOs. I look forward to the remaining days.

I have learned a lot of new coding information.

I have learned how to code in html and a how many great resources are on Code.org

I have learned more about the Code.org curriculum and how to navigate within the code.org website in order to help plan lessons for my upcoming class. I have also enjoyed getting to have hands on opportunities to practice with the lessons myself.

I have learned how to implement the code.org curriculum in my classroom.

I am learning a lot about an awesome curriculum (Code.org) in which I am planning on using in my classroom.

This professional development has been one of the best I’ve ever been to in my 20 years of teaching. My questions and problems don’t make me feel dumb and the facilitators are very helpful. The Units/Lessons/Handouts are very good and relevant with rigorous activities.

I have learned so much more than I expected to during the workshop. Attending the workshop through zoom meetings has been a bit overwhelming and hard to keep up at times, but I feel like I am now on a great path to help ensure that my school is the first in our district to incorporate computer science in such a fun way.

I have learned so much virtually. The workshop has been so awesome! I learned how to use html–that’s a WOW moment for me. I learned that the four steps to the problem-solving process (define, prepare, try, and reflect) can and should be used throughout the lessons in code.org. These steps can also be used in other classes and applied to real-life situations.

I learned how to implement Code.Org CS Discoveries in my classroom and about the great resources available to students!

I wasn’t sure about a virtual workshop for 5 days straight. After the first day, everything got easier and I enjoyed the way it was structured. I have learned about CSS, and Game Lab. I can’t wait to teach my students. I think they will love it.

I have learned more than I expected to during the workshop that ended up being virtual learning. The scavenger hunts brought me here to the forums where there is a wealth of information. I am looking forward to using Code.org in my classroom this year.


I’m currently in the week long summer workshop. I have learned a wealth of information and have the opportunity to network with others in my field.
I found this forum through the scavenger hunt.

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I am currently completing my 4th day of the workshop. I was skeptical of trying something so new, especially virtually instead of face to face instruction, but the workshop has been great. I have learned so much and am currently working thru the Scavenger Hunt and learning even more.