CS Discoveries 5-Day Summer Workshop '20

I have learned a lot about curriculum, and resources for CS Discoveries,and the workshop help me to understand more about code.org. Thanks

I’ve learned how to implement CS Discoveries in my class, and I now have a lot of great resources for teaching it and places to find help and/or ideas.

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I have learned a lot about how to implement this unit in a virtual setting! Thanks for all of the great resources that make this curriculum come to life!

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Today I’m glad I found time to explore this teacher forum- there are a lot of excellent resources, esp. ready-to-go Google slides for many of the lessons I plan on teaching. I’m glad there has been a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning because I find the time I can explore on my own to be beneficial as well as time to collaborate with other teachers.

I’m currently in the week long summer workshop. I have learned a wealth of information and have the opportunity to network with others in my field.
I found this forum through the scavenger hunt. Not loving the virtual part of the conference, but will make do.

I have learned how useful the Lesson Plan for Teachers is and how convenient it will be when teaching my classes.

The instructors have been extremely kind and helpful. They have made this class very enjoyable. They are always willing to answer all of my questions. After jumping back into teaching science after 20 years, they made the transition very easy. CODE does an excellent job with the lessons and lesson planning and I now see through the forum there are a lot more resources available to use if needed.

This workshop has been so helpful in giving me ideas that I can bring into my classroom. The instructors have been great!

I too was unsure about of how the Virtual Learning-CS Discoveries 5 Day Summer Workshop would turn out. However, I was very excited to learn how to successfully teach many of the lesson virtually to students and incorporate Pear Deck or Near Pod to make the activities more of an interactive experience with the students.

Loved this workshop - our facilitators took the challenge and made it work for all of us!

I really enjoyed having hands on work and being in pairs to help walk through it. THe Grid helps out a lot with plotting points.

This has made me so much more comfortable with taking on computer science as a teacher. Our facilitators were great! It really does show that we use these concepts across the board.

I have really enjoyed this workshop- I feel more comfortable with computer science in general, how the lessons are set up, how to use code.org with students, and also ways to provide virtual learning through Zoom thanks to the examples of our facilitators and other members of the workshop!

I have enjoyed my time in the new online version of the 5-day summer workshop. I loved the new virtual Paired Programming option!! Thank you Code.org!!

I think the workshop was a big adjustment going online, but I still found the facilitators extremely helpful and nice, and working through Zoom with the breakout rooms and with code.org’s paired programming option - you were still able to kind of get the ‘classroom’ feel.

I have learned how to use the code.org curriculum with students, and I have learned some new facilitation techniques for teaching computer science.

I Learned a lot about the resources available on Code.org - I liked the paired programming feature wasn’t aware that was an option.

I learned about all the available resources on Code.org as well as how to best navigate the website as a teacher.

I am learning how students would feel.

Even in a virtual environment, I learned a great deal about how Code.org can support my currculum and and my students. I was able to learn from others plus I had time on my own to explore that might not have been possible in a face-to-face meeting.