CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I tried it this summer and found it worked great with our mixed age groups!


Welcome to the language of coding.


Welcome to the language of coding.


I learned some HTML hashtags.


The video they used to show us Pair Programming was informative and fun. I think my kids will enjoy watching it and get the roles of Driver and Navigator.


I learned to use web lab…Awesome Tool!


I learned about the vast resources available throughout the CS Discoveries course.


I learned how the lessons will be presented (can see what they will look like, versus just reading about them).


Good experience here at Teachercon Phoenix so far. Getting a refresher on HTML and getting acclimated with the Code.org site a bit more. Looking forward to getting into it a bit more and sharing with my students and staff.


Today I worked with people I may have never worked with organically, and learned so many things from them, specifically in regards to HTML tags and the differences in HTML, Java, Python, CSS, etc. I’m having so much fun and learning even more. Thank you Code.org for helping me reach ALL of my 550 students when introducing them to the world of Computer Science, through engaging, interactive, and FUN lessons! I’m so grateful!


I learned how I will facilitate the use of CSD with my students- from the unplugged lessons, to how to pace students through the plugged lessons. Love the discussion prompts for wrapping up the lessons.


I learned how to use some of the platforms within the Discoveries curriculum such as Game Lab and Web Lab.


I learned some introductory lessons in html and specifically worked on css styling!


At TeachCon this week in Phoenix, I learned about the new units of study and the rationale for putting certain things inside each unit (for example: Digital Citizenship in Unit 2). I am getting an idea of how to adapt each lesson to meet the needs of students at the school I teach at.

I have also been able to work with some great teachers from Nevada, Hawaii, Texas, and of course Washington State!


No mention of how your amazing partner came to the code rescue? :frowning:


At TeacherCon this week I learned that CS Discoveries is going to be one VERY large rollout! Go code.org!!


Pair-share is great!


I learned about ABC/CBV: activity before concept / concept before vocabulary.


I have gotten my feet wet with HTML this week - not feeling as intimidated!


At TeacherCon Phoenix, I learned about Code.org’s amazing Web App tool. This will make teaching HTML/CSS much easier!