CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I am enjoying the different participant lessons that are being shared with the groups. I am getting many ideas for instructional approaches through this process.


Learning to work well with my CSD peeps!

:musical_note: With the thoughts that I've been thinking, I could be Mr. Lincoln if I only had a tag :microphone:


Scavenger Hunt Post! I’ve learned that I’m “that” student who is always working ahead or off task. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m completing the forum scavenger right now and I just want to share that I learned about how the Inspector tool works! :slight_smile:


I learned that the lessons in Unit 1 are unplugged.


This week has been so much fun. I can’t wait to get this program started in the fall. I have learned what HTML stands for (how did I not know that?) and how to write HTML. So cool!


Really enjoying watching other teachers presenting the course lessons!

Stef Stanley


Curtis and I learned about the ‘inspector tool’ on the WebLab this week as well as how to do paired programming this week. Very helpful!


I have learning to navigate the code.org website. Great conference!

-Mr. Curtis- (GVA Aurora)


The video resources relevant for teenagers and the animations help understand complex concepts.


Learned that I would be a pretty decent social media stalker



Love the opportunity to talk with teachers that share a content area. Usually CS teachers are singletons in a building so it’s great to get so many fabulous ideas and insights.
All the facilitators and code.org staff are quick to help and support.
Having a great time at computer camp. :sunglasses:


Pair programming is going to go a long way in my classroom. I also love that we can pair the computers of two kids to maximize their learning (and efficiency). I have so far gained a firmer foundation in how to run this curriculum in my class, making me more comfortable in how to use it. I like the problem solving model and feel as though it could be applied in every class, especially math and science.


I have learned about html this week. Woot!


Anyone know where to find the TeacherCon Forum for the Scavenger Hunt?

U2L4 HTML Tags Crew :relaxed:


I learned to code HTML this week and I can’t wait to learn more about the CSD curriculum. Thank you to all the staff at Code.org for putting this conference together (and for inviting me) and for all the delicious food!


Great opportunities abound. We worked through lessons like students to gain perspective, and planned as teachers to practice. Putting the lessons into our own style and teaching it to teacher-students to gather feedback. Such a confidence builder. I look forward to bringing CSD to my classroom.


A lot of good resources and discussions.


I learned how to do basic coding in HTML and CSS. My students are going to enjoy this course.:relaxed:


This is soooooo true!