CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I’ve never done anything with HTML before so it was a great opportunity for me to play around with it before I have to teach it. I also like the concept of us being the lead learner; hard to accept or admit that we don’t know everything. :wink:


I learned about ABC/CBV. :slight_smile:


I found more paired programming and partner working ideas in the Forum!


I learned what the 5 Student Practices are and how to remember them better as the 2 P’s and the 3 C’s.


I really appreciate that all the students working together can get credit for the work!


No mention of the cool people at the table you abandoned today… :disappointed:


My deepest apologies for not giving you the credit you so richly deserve!


This has been a great conference so far. I think many of the lessons can be used in any curriculum, not just computer science!!!


Learning a lot at TeacherCon in Phoenix. Didn’t know anything about HTML until today. Looking forward to learning more and teaching Discoveries this year.


Loving the cooperative aspect of this unit and all the student engagement!


It’s been a great 2 days for curriculum training. Taught my lesson to peers and found insights like how to anticipate kids finishing early, or carefully watching the “clock,” to keep the lesson on “track,” and the semester on line to finish with the school calendar.


We learned about five key student practices that are emphasized daily. We also learned about the classroom practices as they apply to teaching strategies for CS.


I learned about Pair Programming for the first time and I am very excited to implement this into my classroom!


I really like the idea of pair programming and have the students switch roles often.


The Teacher-Con has been amazing so far and diving deeper into the CS Discoveries has been very helpful. I really think that connecting with other teachers of CS is the most valuable experience. All of the people that I have met have been so great.


I also found this very interesting…I look forward to reflecting on my own teaching practices and ensuring I am following the ABC/CBV model:slight_smile:


We found this forum during the Scavenger Hunt using the paired learning method (driver/navigator)! Woohoo! Good to be able to read what others have discovered this week in their code.org learning communities.


I have enjoyed learning about pair programming. I like having roles for each child and changing based on time, not bubbles. It is something I will use in my class.


Wow, so the paired partnering is amazing! It really allows the students the opportunity to properly and equally collaborate. It ensures they are all playing and people don’t cry :slight_smile:


I love what I am learning this week, but I feel so rushed to get our TLO lesson done - improvisation is not my thang, lol!