Props to


I just wanted to post to give a thank you to the staff and facilitators who have been with us this week. Everyone has been so kind and patient this week as all of us are throwing around our crazy ideas.



I couldn’t agree more! I was actually thinking it would be nice to have a time to write thank you letters tomorrow. I’m not sure the entire list ( I know it was on Sunday’s slideshow) of supporters, but also to facilitators, regional directors, curriculum writers, and just everyone has been absolutely phenomenal to work with and it’s just been such an honor to get to work with so many talented peers as I delve into the land of computer science for the first time. I just can’t says thanks enough!


Yes Love teaching this curriculum! I am at a new school this year and I have had a few students thanking me for all the fun activities! They are learning so much! I keep saying to myself THANK YOU for your thoughtful planning of the middle school curriculum!!!