Introducing curriculum in my community

Hey everyone,
I’m planning on presenting the curriculum to my kids school, and i was wondering if you can give me any tips on how to do that? how can i convince them with the importance of early learning of cs?
the whole concept is new and might be quite intimidating.
I’m not the best with words so every tip is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

@dee.3044 - Congrats for taking this on!

My recommendation would be to actually DO a lesson with the students. Hook them with something fun and interactive.

Maybe do the classic “tell me how to make a peanut butter and jelly and which” activity where YOU act like a computer, following the directions, making sure to follow dirrections exactly - for example, if someone says"put the peanut butter on the bread". Take the can, and physically put the can on the bread loaf. Get different directions from different kids one at a time.

Then de-brief into “this is why we need computer science”… If they have fun, they will want to do it.

OR, are you trying to convince adults that kids should learn CS?

Thanks Kaitie!
Yeah, actually I’m bringing this up to school’s administrators who doesn’t know much about computers themselves…
Any ideas there?

@dee.3044 What state are you in? Do you know if you have a “Professional Learning Partner”? They might be able to help you out.

I am actually doing a similar presentation in May. I am planning on using some of’s resources from my state and stressing the equity piece since that is a huge initiative in our district. Since our school wants to be competitive with other top-districts, I am going to share how we compare to select districts who have stronger CS pathways then ourselves.

Also, I am going to pull some headlines from recent articles around why CS is so important. If you look at’s Twitter feed, you can find a lot of those articles there.

Then, we are planning on sharing a vision for CS ed for what it could look like 5 years from now in our district.

SO… that’s my plan!

I’m not in the US, i’m in the Middle East and the subject is new in general most commonly been presented for young elementary school kids but not for KGs.
I’ve actually went on and presented them with the idea and they liked it but will need more demonstration on the curriculum!!
I’m so excited!
Thank you Kaitie for help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! Congrats!