I'm a volunteer trying to teach kids to code,, I need some advice

I jumped into teaching kids how to code this year. Its been going well actually really well because some of the kids (8-9 years old) are flying through the courses. I’m stuck, I need to get more advanced learning for them but keep the smaller kids engaged also.

Any advice on what courses I should be putting in front of the fast performing students?
I live in Santa Cruz is there some courses I should take myself to help me??

Thanks in advance!
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Hi @andrew.devlin131

It sounds like some students are really enjoying the content! Can you give a bit more context about how these students are learning? Are they in a typical classroom environment? Is this a summer program? What is the goal of the program/class? How are students selected to learn CS?

That can help me determine what other resources might be appropriate. It is so amazing to see how younger learners really embrace CS! It will be exciting to think about what their future holds!


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Hi @andrew.devlin131!

As @kaitie_o_bryan mentioned, it would definitely help us help you more if we knew more about your context.

In general, an elementary-level course would be CS Fundamentals, then CS Discoveries for middle school or early high school, and CS Principles for high school. You might also want to check out the “express” courses. Here’s a page with a list of the courses and their recommended grade levels: https://studio.code.org/courses


Thanks Kaitie!

I’m an engineer that is trying to teach kids to code using Code.org and other programs that are available to us. The school my kids go to have a computer lab but no teachers teach any coding or have the time, so I took it upon myself to try. I have the kids come after school and on some Saturdays to learn. The goal initially was to see who would come and what would happen. Most parents sit with their kids and help… which is cool because they get into it also. Now that I’m getting momentum I want to start piling it on!
I also got them up and running on Zoom - video conferencing. if you have the time or someone you can recommend to arrange a meeting with me to give me some pointers that would be great! We can use zoom video and screen share.

Regards and thanks so much!

Thanks Frank!

I will look into this… its just me, not a teacher trying to bring CS to a school. Once I get these kids going I would like to expand to other schools, get some parents to help. We have to do something :slight_smile: