How to get started?

I want to start a small club in my childhood school in India. I have no clue where to get started. There are a lot resources but not sure what is required for my particular situation.

I think this would depend a lot on the age of the students with whom you’d be working. You might look at CS Fundamentals for younger students. If you’re working with students a little older, you might consider looking at CS Express or CS Discoveries curriculum. There are several different in-roads.

I am hoping to work with middle school children. I am unable to understand if I start with the CS express course, will it cover all required basics as the students have little to almost no experience in computer sciences or coding.

The CS Express and the CS Discoveries courses are designed as entry-level courses. They are designed with the student in mind. Having that said, I have known people to successfully use the CS Express course as an entry level course for high school students all the way down to fifth graders. It’s pretty flexible in that way.

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Hi @darshanadaga2 ,

You might also try contacting one of our international partners to see if they can help and support this effort. Here is the list of our partners, which include 5 contacts in India. I’d encourage you to reach out to one of them to see if that can help - these are folks who are looking to help folks in their region, which is why their contact info is on this page.

Dan - Curriculum Writer