How to start children who don't have any computer background?


Hi Fellows,

I teach students from disadvantaged background in urban slums of Pakistan. Recently, I was able to set up a lab of 15 computers with the focus on digital literacy. I find as a great resource to get them started in this interesting world of programming. However, I am not sure where to start with them?

I have created a class here, but what course track should I start with?

Appreciate if anyone can guide?


I would suggest, as long as the students can read in English, the Express Course is the way to go.

If you need a translated version, I would recommend that you start with Course 2 and work your way through to Course 3.

Happy Coding!


Hi Kiki,

Thanks for the prompt response, and useful pointers.

I saw both courses, and I feel that Course 2 would be more appropriate with the students at this stage. However, I recall using Maze sequence with my daughter without words, it was symbols/arrows. I don’t remember the name of the course now. Wouldn’t that be more useful?

Also, what you think about starting with Course A?


Course 1 might have been what you remember, and that one is translated, as well.

Instead of Course A, you might consider using the Pre-Express course, which is similar to Course B right now, but will eventually transition more into the subjects covered in the new Express course.


Great! I will look into Pre-express course then.

Really appreciate your support.