New here: Please assist

I am a teacher (in a village school from India) who wishes to introduce to children from grade 2 to grade 8. How should I begin? I browsed through elementary and middle school Courses. But could not understand some of the puzzles. Where are the reference answers of these puzzles?

Hi @pallavi.satish.patil!
For grades 2-5, I would recommend Courses C-F from the CS Fundamentals program. For middle school, I’d recommend the Express Courses. To view the answers, make sure to create a teacher account. You should then a see a link to see solutions underneath the puzzles.
Also, in case it’s of interest, the 2017 versions of CSF and Express are fully translated into Hindi.
Hope this helps!

i dont know i am also new maybe we could work together teaching students,reply if you want to work with me.thank you