K-5 PD- what additional PD do you want/need after initial PD

After you have attended a K-5 CS Fundamentals workshop, what do you feel like you need for PD as your next steps? How could you be more supported in your implementation ? what additional training would you like in this area?

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Now that I have tried it with my students, I would like to see another PD that follows up with questions, concerns and how to’s for educators like me who are just getting used to code. I don’t think this workshop needs to be all day. It could even be a classroom visit or one on one discussion. Just a thought.

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Hi kwhite!
I have completed the fundamental free workshop through code.org. I teach at an online charter K-12 school and am planning on starting a coding club for elementary school. I have persuaded a few of my colleagues to join my coding club at my school (they are also attending a workshop next week) so we can hopefully host several groups across grade levels.Our obvious challenge is that we work online with our students. I haven’t delved into making code.org work for our online students yet, and I anticipate implementing the offline materials as being the biggest challenge, but that might be the only problem I foresee. I’m very excited to get started! If anyone has any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for your response. Fortunately, I have just been hired to facilitate additional code PD and provide one-to-one coaching support for next steps after the initial Code.org training through BootUpPD all over the nation. This non-profit organization is not affiliated at all with Code.org, but I am a Code.org K-5 facilitator as well.

Where are you located. I would love to come and visit with you, see you teaching and practice my new role as a coach and PD facilitator. I am currently a full time teacher myself in the Marysville, WA School District and our last day of school is June 20th. I would be happy to talk with you in person for free. Why don’t you contact me through my new job email: kathy@bootuppd.org

Thanks for your response. I am happy to talk to you further and help you with suggestions. I am also a K-5 Code.org facilitator and a full time K-5 Code Specialist. I am willing to set up a phone conversation with you before school. I have had another remote teacher from Alaska attend my Code.org K-5 facilitator training and I would also be happy to hook you up with her. If this is something you are interested in, pease shoot me an email: kwhite@pd.code.org

I am a CSF Facilitator. I would love to see:
a) More information on how to integrate the Courses A-F with subject matter (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) instruction.
b) More depth around computational thinking (specifically, pattern recognition, decomposition, abstraction, algorthmic design)
c) More recommendations for differentiating content in Courses A-F for students

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