Where should I begin

Hi . I volunteer at a local community center and want to teach kids about coding … The kids range in age from kindergarten through elementary school 6th grade. I would love suggestions on how to structure the lessons and where I should start first.

Hi! Will the kids be in mixed-aged groups? Or, will they be separated into age groups?


They will be in mixed age groups

Gotcha. In that case, I recommend two options:

  1. Use our express course (https://curriculum.code.org/csf-19/express/) which is a combo of lessons from a variety of our A-F courses. The main difference is that the express course does not include out unplugged lessons, which you can find here: https://code.org/curriculum/unplugged

  2. Start all students on the same course (https://curriculum.code.org/csf-19/) and move forward as a group. Since you and the students are new to these courses, starting earlier in the series will be ideal.

Good luck!

Thank you… I think i will teach them all in a group

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