Course recommendation after CS Fundamentals Express Course for 3rd Graders


I’m running a virtual weekend/after-school coding club with a number of 3rd graders using the CS Fundamentals Express Course. They’re going through the lessons mostly by themselves with little difficulties. I’m trying to find the next course for them after they’ve done with the Express Course. I looked at the CS Discovery Course and, since it’s designed for middle schoolers, I think it may be too hard for 3rd graders, especially in a virtual setting. I wonder if there is any course recommendation for elementary students after completing the CS Fundamentals Express Course. I know some of the tools in, e.g. Game lab and App lab, use JavaScript rather than coding blocks. I also wonder if JavaScript is a good 1st computer language for kids to learn and if has any material teaching the JavaScript basics.

Thank you,

Hello Wilson,

I’m in a similar situation with some of my third graders and I’m wondering if you came up with a solution for your students? Thanks so much for sharing.