CS Fundamentals long term

Hi. I am a computer science teacher for grades K-8. Generally I think it fits best to start my coding content with 3rd grade (possibly towards the end of the year). I only see my students for 45 minutes a week so progress is usually slow. I want a continuous coding curriculum using CS Fundamentals from grades 3-6 (in 7 and 8 they do CS Principles). Does anyone know how repetitive the CS fundamentals courses D-F are? Are the meant for students to complete one after the other or are they at their bones the same course, but at varying complexity for the different ages?

Would anyone recommend I do the express course and split it up over the grades?

Hi Chelsea,
The courses are meant to follow each other. Courses E and F have some optional redundancy in the form of “ramp up” lessons. These lessons are designed to get a 4th/5th grader up to speed on things they will need to know under the assumption that they didn’t take the previous course. In your case, I’d suggest covering Courses D-F (or even C-F) in order, but skipping the ramp up lessons when you get there. For Course E this means starting with “Lesson 12: Private and Personal Information” and for Course F it’s “Lesson 13: The Power of Words”.
The Express Course is a good fit for teachers who only have one year and want students to exposed to as much as possible or who just want their students to work through the lessons at their own paces.
I hope this helps.