Welcome to CSD 2022-23---Introduce Yourself

Hello my name is Trina Stidem and I teach Intro to Coding and Fundamentals of Computing at LBC Middle School located in Aiken County, SC. This is my 17th year in education and 3rd year for Computer Science. I love have CS Discoveries has the information mapped out for us to use. What a great resource and I am excited about learning more and implementing in my class.

Hello. I am Heather Jennings and I teach at an alternative education site in Baltimore County. This coming school year will be the first that our building (and any alt ed center in our district, for that matter) will offer CSD. I am part of a cohort group of MD teachers starting this summer. I have taught ELA for 21 years and am also a librarian. CSD is adding another hat I can wear!

Hello, my name is “Rise Jongeling” I teach at an alternative school is Sioux Falls South Dakota. This current month (July) I am teaching remotely in South Carolina. The class is working on all the great links and projects. .

Hi! I am Courtney Scherer attending the CS Discoveries class this week. I teach CS to grades 6-8 in Spartanburg County, SC. I am looking forward to learning more about code.org!

Hello Everyone! I am finishing up the CS Discoveries workshop at the Friday Institute at NC State.

Hi! I am part of the Math & Computer Science Department of a charter school in Plymouth, MA working with middle school students.

Hi! I’m new to coding this year as a teacher. I will have 8 sections of 6th grade CS Discoveries this school year. Each section runs for a quarter, so I am sure I will be looking for suggestions on the best way to approach this curriculum in only 9 weeks.

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I am Corey and I am excited to teach CSD this year!

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I’m excited to get back into computer programming. I was asked about 10 years ago to teach C++ considering I hadn’t taken a programming course since 1983 I was a tad nervous. I taught myself C++ or atleast enough to get started within about 4 weeks thanks to youtube. Unfortunately, that only lasted a year to budgetary issues. Now they’ve approached me again to teach Intro to comp sci. I’m super excited but nervous I want to do well but I’ve had zero exposure to comp sci since 2011. Thankfully, code.org is here, if you have any advice, tips etc… I’m all ears. thanks It’ll be HS level intro by the way.

Hello everyone, I’m Chiquita. I’m homeschooling 4 children and this is my first year using Code.org. So, I’m not familiar with this but I look forward to seeing how this help my children progress this year.

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron Samples! First year teaching 7th and 8th grade Coding. Excited to start using the code.org website to get the ball rolling in the classroom. Have a great year everyone! Go Panthers!

Hi! I’m Heather Lott. This is my first year teaching an intro STEM course to 7th graders. I am excited to use the flexible scheduling options for CS Discoveries! I was shown this course by the teacher who taught this course before me.