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My name is Matthew Jefferson

I teach at Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet. My classroom is an Upper Elementary Montessori Classroom which means that I teach 4-6 grade self-contained.

I am interested in Computer Science because I think that Computer Science instruction is key to the further development of education. Students need to begin exposure to Computer Science early and often.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy watching sports and playing video games. I also enjoy the Arts.


Hi, I’m Keri Warren from Houston, Texas, and I teach 8th grade Algebra and Pre-Algebra. I’ve been teaching math for about 10 years (after first working as an economic analyst and then as a stay-at-home mom) and have seen my own kids as well as my students gravitate toward everything related to computers. The kids need (and want) computer science, and if I can incorporate it into algebra - yay! I have very little programming experience (a class in Python) but am anxious to give this a go and add another tool to help my students better learn and apply algebraic concepts. My hobbies include tennis, rowing, the outdoors, travel, and great food.