Introductions: Meet and greet


Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the 2015-16 cohort of CS in Algebra teachers. Share your name, school location, and what you teach. Also share your Twitter, LinkedIn or other professional website so we can begin to connect with one another and develop this community of innovative math teachers!


I am Sharon Chorba. I teach Computer Science at Bridge School. I am so impressed with I wish that they existed 13 years ago when I first started teaching. My kids are loving this program, they rush into the computers to get to it.


I am Anna McGowan and I teach K-8 STEM at Sauganash Elementary School. I will be teaching 608 grade CS in Science and Algebra.


Hello. I am Latoya Martin and I teach Math 8 at King’s Fork Middle School in Suffolk VA.


My name is Majid Hussain from Gujranwala in Pakistan. i am the entrepreneur in Tech industry besides that i am also the president of the society called “The Student Organization” that help the students to achieve their dreams alive or say come true in the rural areas in my community. I teaches the Computer science as whole to my students of all ages including the aged, children and adults etc. we are in our initial phase so, about this program i have sign up for that since when its launched back in 2013.
here are the links of my bio.


My name is Sara Black and I am a 6th grade math teacher. I teach in Nampa, Idaho.


I am Teresa Draper and I teach math and STEM at Marsing Middle School. I am finishing up teaching CS in Algebra for the second time this year. I am using it in my STEM class. It has been great for the kids. It challenges them and yet they really enjoy it. I wasn’t sure I could do it at first, but going through the course first myself really helped. I feel like a pro now.


Hi my name is Charlene. I am currently teaching math and am eager to learn new and innovating strategies for my students.


Hello, I am Juanita Cook and I teach/coach math students and teachers. I teach in Broward County, Florida in the Juvenile Justice Facilities. I teach middle and high school students.


Hi! My name is Catheryn Taylor and I teach Math 8 at Stockard Middle School in Dallas. I am excited about introducing my students to computer science in their math class! I am also excited about learning something new!


Hello, my name is Hendrea Gaither and I teach 7th regular, advanced and ELL inclusive math at New River Middle School in Fort Lauderdale. I feel that computer science in algebra will make learning this content a lot easier and a little more exciting. I can’t wait to bring what I have learned back to my classroom this fall!


Hi Teresa, how is it teaching a STEM class? I would love for our school to implement that into our curriculum!


Hi Juanita - I am also in Broward County. I teach at Gulfstream Academy a public Middle School in South Hollywood. This year I am looking forward to teaching the CS Discoveries program. Maybe we can be a resource for each other. Diane Neville


Hello, I am Zehra. I am a mathematics teacher in high school in Turkey. I am excited to teach my students how to use mathematics in everyday life. I wonder what I can do to apply computer aided mathematics and geometry teaching.
I am happy to be a member of such a community.