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Welcome to code.org’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) for educators. This forum is designed as a place for you to meet, connect with and learn from other teachers who are implementing Code Studio and other Computer Science curricula in their classrooms.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us:

  • Your name
  • Where you live/work
  • What grade you teach
  • Why you’re interested in being part of this community

Additionally, you can:

  • Provide links to your professional website, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media profiles
  • Tell us about your past experience with CS, Code Studio, code.org or any other relevant info
  • Upload a picture of yourself, your classroom, your favorite coffee mug, a meme, or whatever else will help us get to know you
  • Share your favorite ice cream flavor

Please use this thread to meet others who live in your area, are teaching the same subject area as you or who you otherwise want to get to know.

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My name is Melissa Jones, and I am a former teacher currently working at code.org

I just relocated to Seattle from San Francisco, but I grew up in suburban Detroit and did my teaching in New York City. I taught 6-12 English, Social Studies and Technology in the South Bronx and Bushwick for 8 years.

I’m really excited to work with all of you out there who are in the trenches, ensuring our youth learn Computer Science against all odds!

You can get in touch with me here:
On the web

My favorite ice cream is butter pecan and my secret super power is my all-powerful, soul crushing “teacher look.”


Hello all

My name is Joel Spencer and I am the K5 Affiliate in Arkansas. I currently live in Sherwood, Arkansas which is about 10 outside Little Rock. I am also a science lab specialist with the Little Rock School District at an elementary school (graded K-5).

I think this will be an awesome community to share ideas, tips and suggestions on implementing Code Studio in our classrooms!

Find me on…



Hello, I’m Vanessa Jones and I’m from deep in the heart of Texas-Austin; home of the Texas Longhorns. I currently work as an Instructional Technology Facilitator where I help teachers and students integrate technology as well as help them try out and implement new and exciting resources, such as Code Studio.

Before becoming an Instructional Technology Specialist, I taught 3rd-6th grades. I’m also a National Facilitator for PBS Teacherline as well as a National Senior Trainer for Intel Education. I also moderate a monthly webinar series entitled Intel Teach Live.

Before becoming an Affiliate, I had no computer science background other than my experience with Code.org. I worked a lot with the University of Texas in their Engineering dept and experienced computer science at a different level. When signing up to become an affiliate, I wanted to experience computer science with the same lens as my teachers who I would train would experience it. I think it helps with the training when I share my experience or no experience with computer science. They realize that we are a team of learners learning together. I also conduct the training with the same rigor and expectations that I have with other professional developments. Although, I may speed many hours prepping for a training, it is truly a great learning experience for all. If ONLY, I had the opportunity to learn computer science when I was in grade school… they sky would have been the limit. I was so excited about learning computer science, I was able to get my district to participate in an Hour of Code. This was the first year, we ever done this. It was so exciting to see our superintendent as well as other administrators, taking the time to do computer science lessons.

I want to be part of this community so I can continue my learning process and continue to share ideas, resources and learn from one another.

Twitter- vkajones
Facebook- vkajones

I was going to upload a picture of my dogs, but got the error message, "new users cannot upload images:
My dogs are my children.


Hello ya’ll,

My name is Diane Davis and I am the Code.org affiliate in Georgia and am a selectively retired teacher. In my teaching career, I have taught all grades 1-12 and have been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga; a Thinkfinity trainer; and also have a Masters degree in Educational Technology.

In addition to my Code workshops I am helping to facilitate a Google funded CS Principles workshop this summer for high school teachers and plan to use some of the Code.org materials in that format.

It is so very rewarding to meet with teachers all over the South, learn and share ideas and experiences with them in workshops. Another opportunity is to have the support and friendship of Code staff and affiliates all over the US!

My favorite things are computers, fishing, shoes, and the Civil War

Say hello at:


Facebook-Diane Erwin Davis

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Hello, I am Sharon Jones and I am in Charlotte, NC. I have been teaching for 12 years, teaching Information Technology and Computer Science courses. Throughout my years I have taught, Computer Programming, SAS programming, Computer Science Principles, and Web Development. I have served as the Career and Technical Education Administrator at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology and will be transitioning to a faculty member at Central Piedmont Community College this summer.

I love teaching computer science as it is always exciting and fun. It was not my original path but I am so glad that is where my career took me and look forward to all that is to come.

I have two young sons, Ethan and Dylan and my husband Ricky and I have been married 7 years. I love to travel, read, swim and shop!

I am on twitter @storrencejones


Hi Sharon! Great to meet you. Out of curiousity, what was your “original path”?

Mine was to be a poet. :smile:


Nice to meet you, Diane!

I love your list of favorites…what’s the best shoe choice when you’re fishing?

Great to meet you, Vanessa!

Sorry you had trouble with the pic. Maybe after you post a bit you’ll have rights to post images? It’s probably just an anti-spam filter on our forum software.

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Welcome, Joel! Thanks for being willing to collaborate with us.

Hi, I’m Mike Harvey, an elementary school technology teacher right outside of Portland, Maine. I’m also the K5 Affiliate in Maine. I teach Code Studio courses to grades 3-5. I’ve also helped my district bring the Hour of Code to 1300+ K-8 students for the past two years. As an affiliate, I’ve trained over a hundred elementary school teachers in my state. All of these have been great experience.
I’ve been a frequent contributor to each Code.org forum and I look forward to participating in some great discussions here. I know the Code Studio courses inside and out, including the unplugged activities. I also admit to completing every online puzzle I can get my hands on.
Coding has completely revitalized the technology program at my school and I look forward to sharing ways to help others do the same.



Hi Mike! Thanks for contributing to the code.org support forums. Any advice on what we should cover here as opposed to there? I’m thinking technical questions go there, pedagogical ones here. Your thoughts?

Howdy All,

I’m Mike Gargiulo, a Code.org affiliate in Elk Grove (near Sacramento) CA. Hosting Code.org’s Code Studio workshops has been a fantastic experience. I’m already looking forward to the next round of workshops coming up in August and September. I teach computer skills to K - 6 students during a traditional school year and host workshops 1 - 2 times a month. I’m currently out and about recharging my batteries for the next school year. Here’s our "house "for the next week, wish me luck! Please excuse my lack of replies as we may be “off the grid” for a good portion of the next 5 weeks.


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I agree. I’d like to see this become a place where teachers can go a little deeper than just asking how to resolve small issues. On the support forum, most threads are a simple question with a simple answer. Here, I’d like to see more open-ended topics; discussions where you want to check back to get varying perspectives.


I am Heidi Pluska from Boise, Idaho! I have taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry for the Boise School District for 14 years and have development and implemented many computer science camps for grades K - 8. I am currently the only Code.org affiliate in Idaho which has provided me the opportunity to traverse the entire state sharing Code.org’s curriculum and meet tons of amazing teachers along the way.

Idaho is very geographically challenged - this forum is what teachers need to feel connected to the Code.org family.


I’m Alana Aaron, a code.org affiliate in NYC. I currently teach 5th grade math and science. I’ve been teaching for 11 years in grades 2-5. I have no computer science background, which I readily admit, but I discovered code.org around the Hour of Code in 2013 and knew it was important to expose my students to computer science. (I wish I had been exposed earlier, but better late than never!) I gave the first 20-hour course a go in my classroom and it was a success. I have since implemented Code Studio courses 2 and 3 and my students are currently testing out course 4. This year, my 5th graders hosted an Hour of Code for every K-5 class in our school during CS Ed Week. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed training other elementary teachers on the curriculum and getting involved in the CS ed community in NYC. I’m looking forward to contributing to and learning from this forum!

twitter: @alanamaaron
Google+: google.com/+AlanaAaron


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