Computer Science Cross Content Troubles Please Help!


Hi all!

My name is Jason Aillaud and I am an instructional technology coordinator at the Edmonds School District in Washington State. This school year (18-19), we rolled out district-wide in K-5 as a third science unit.

I got a frantic email from a student teacher in our district today. She is in the middle of teaching the kindergarten CS Fundamentals unit, but said her university instructor for her science class told her that’s lessons in no way touch upon NGSS standards and if she is observed teaching them she will fail her science requirement because she needs to teach ‘real science’.

If anyone has good talking points to combat this, I would love to hear them!



Hi Jason-

You can look here for opportunities we have identified to hit standards. However, we know that every school and district has it’s own needs and I encourage you and the student teacher to make your own choices on how to meet needed standards.

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Thanks, Megan.

I’m mostly just disappointed in her university.

I came up withthese points that I shared with her.

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Jason- I applaud and appreciate your passion! Thanks for supporting CS education! Starting June 1st, we will launch updates to our curriculum and I encourage you to take a peak and let us know what you think.