Common Core Math Standards integration with lessons

I am working on a spreadsheet adding lesson to the CCMS by grade level. This is for the ISTE book “No Fear Coding - Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum.” Not to reinvent the wheel, if you have already done this, please share. And, if you have any favorite puzzles or activities that you know has improved mastery of a math standard, please let me know. We need case studies to demonstrate that coding improves mastery of math practices and content. Bootstrap and CS in Algebra has done this. But, I am looking for lessons that focus on K-5 math. See for what I have started for Texas. Thank you for your feedback.

Hello, if you check out this URL: you’ll see a table for each of Courses 1 - 4 that has a link to standards for each lesson in that course. Common Core Math Standards are included in that table.

There are certainly lessons that have more math-related content than others, but we don’t have any research specifically conducted on our courses that demonstrate improved mastery of math practices and content.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @anon24944129 ,

All of the Common Core Math Standards in the tables have disappeared since the transition to A-F. Has it been moved to some other page?

We can’t seem to find it.




We haven’t crosswalked A-F to anything but the CSTA standards. We’re still deciding which standards we want to provide for the new series, but when we decide, we will definitely post here!