Missing computer science concepts that would be great to teach in addition to what Course A-F offers



Throughout the courses 1-4, and I assume A-F, we are constantly teaching the students to complete puzzles in a more and more efficient programming manner. Efficiency is SO critical to coding that I teach it as my first vocabulary word and my first unplugged lesson. Later, when students are complaining that a progress dot will not turn dark green for them, I can tell them they need to see if they are completing the puzzle in the most efficient manner. I love to see the light bulbs go off in their little brains when they approach the puzzle again with an efficiency mind set. Suddenly they understand and want to make their code more efficient. Contact me if you would like my lesson plan for the efficiency lesson. :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks :smiley:

I bet teachers would love it if you’d be willing to share that lesson on the forum.


would love to use your lesson on Efficiency. Thanks for sharing.


Is anyone looking at the K-12 Framework for additional missing concepts that Code.org might have in different grade levels? That is where I would look.


I will try to get this lesson posted over spring break, the first week in April. I have grades to do right now. :wink:


We are planning to do a round against the CSTA standards once they are finalized later this year. We do understand, however, that many of these standards are best reached in non-CS classes. We do not plan to try to hit every standard, but rather give a well-rounded spattering.

Thanks for your suggestions.



I would love to see what you did to help with efficiency lessons!


I broke my hand over spring break, so I didn’t get the lesson ready to submit like I had planned. I will post the lesson here as soon as it is ready…hopefully by the end of next week, :slight_smile:


CodeSpark / The Foos have a great unplugged activity all about efficiency. It focuses on coloring in some quilt patterns using the fewest colors possible. It goes wrong quickly if students don’t plan ahead. Here’s a link: http://thefoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Quilt-Making.pdf