CSF Cross Curricular Standards Ideas and Discussion

Greetings CSF educators!

This thread is for sharing any ideas you have about integrating non-CS topics (any and all) with content covered in CSF. While we currently offer some general guidance pertaining to Common Core and NGSS standards (will edit this post once link is available, stay tuned), we are eager to create a platform to encourage everyone to engage in discussion as well.

Just a few thoughts of my own to kick things off:

  • If you are a classroom teacher, where might you “plug in” CSF (lesson, concept chunk, project) to reinforce non-CS content?
  • If you are not a classroom teacher, where might you find opportunities to teach other content that might not get taught in classrooms anyway (e.g., art, social justice, music)?
  • Science is hardly taught in K-5. Are there ways we might alter certain CSF lessons to integrate with a science lesson or unit?

Feel free to post ideas, questions, articles, etc. Thank you!

-Aaron Hobson
Curriculum Development Manager