Slideshows for CS Fundamentals 17 & 18


Hi everyone!

My name is Jason Aillaud. I am an Instructional Technology Coordinator in the Edmonds School District just north of Seattle. Last spring I personally trained about half the elementary school teachers in my district in CS Fundamentals and this fall, I organized a district-wide rollout of the curriculum for all K-5 teachers and students! Overall, the response has been very positive, but one thing teachers asked for were slides for the unplugged lessons. I had initially created them for the 2017 curriculum, but recently finished them for the 2018 version as well. In any case, I wanted to share them here!

This link will take you to a shared Google Drive folder with all the slideshows and a couple of other documents.




Wow! You are making such an impact in Edmonds and beyond! Thanks for sharing!