Announcing: Updates to Course F in CS Fundamentals

Announcing: Updates to Course F in CS Fundamentals

Our team has been hard at work on updates to the 2022-23 CS Fundamentals curriculum, with a special focus on Course F. We’re excited to share a general timeline of our plans for rolling out these updates and to give you an exclusive preview!

What’s New?

For the 2022-23 curriculum, we’ve updated Course F with new lessons, along with resources and structures, including:

  • 3 new lessons: Lots of Sprites, Counting with Variables, and Mini-Project: Collector Game.
  • Unit slide decks, with slides for each lesson
  • Revised warm-up and wrap-up reflection prompts

Open Preview

We are releasing these lessons and resources in an Open Preview for any teacher interested in trying out the new materials in their classroom this year. Signing up for this preview will grant teachers access to the updated lesson plans and the ability to assign the 2022-23 version of Course F to students. These lessons may still receive improvements and your feedback will be vital in that process. The 2022-23 versions of Courses A-E are scheduled for this summer!

We’ve heard from teachers that the slide decks have been invaluable during virtual teaching and at-home learning. Click here to view the 2022 Course F slide deck.

Want to dig in? Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Click here to join the CSF - Course F 2022-23 Open Preview. You must be using a teacher’s account.

  2. Then, click here to access the Course F materials and assign lessons to your students. (It might take a minute to load after joining the Open Preview.)

  3. Proceed with the lessons!

Share your feedback!

Teacher feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and in the absence of piloting these lessons with students, we’d love your feedback on how these lessons feel in your classroom.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how these lessons feel in your classrooms and any improvements we can make - we anticipate making adjustments to timing estimates, the wording of instructions, and (of course) typos. All feedback is shared directly with our curriculum and professional learning teams.

  • Click Here to share feedback on Lesson 9: Lots of Sprites
  • Click Here to share feedback on Lesson 10: Counting with Variables
  • Click Here to share feedback on Lesson 11: Mini-Project: Collector Game
  • Click Here to share feedback on the Course F Slide Deck

Let us know if you have any questions by writing to

Thank you! Curriculum Team

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Can you tell us when Courses A-E 2022 will be posted? Our district CS curriculum writing is early in the Summer and we will be realigning based on any changes. Last year seemed to have a lot of changes from the 2020 to the 2021. We are very excited about the C-E Slide Decks and to see what else is new!

Hi there – the courses should be available by early June.

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Thank you. We write on June 9th. Even just a new Scope and Sequence would help us to set up and order our Pacing Guide. We are always eager to see what is new.

Here is a change log of high-level changes that we have made to the upcoming 2022-23 CS Fundamentals course. Hope that helps!