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Hi! My name is Marguerite. I live in northern Virginia (west of Washington, DC, south of MD and east of WV). Both my sons are off to college this year and I want to get back into teaching computer science, but everyone seems to think I’m too old! 20 years ago when I graduated from Georgia Tech (MS in Comp. Sci.), I wanted to write educational software and software to help students learn to program, but I couldn’t find anyone else who was interested. I have worked as an art teacher, math teacher, computer science teacher, horse trainer, C programmer and mother. I am passionate that computer science is the key to the future for our young people and wish I could convince the schools to let me help them learn.

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Welcome Marguerite! We’re excited to have you as part of the community. You’re never too old to learn new tricks, right?

Hello everyone! A little late in joining but my name is Ann Puckett and I am the affiliate from Dayton, Ohio about to relocate to Charleston, SC in July! I have a bachelor of Computer Science from Ohio University and a Masters in Information Management from Central Michigan. I am currently a software development project manager but also am running kids code camps in the summer. I love being a code.org affiliate!

Outside of work I am married with two boys who are active in every sport imaginable so it keeps us busy!

Looking forward to sharing with everyone.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105191364868228476605
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annpuckett
Website: Coming Soon :smile:

Hello! My name is Nikko. I am a public school teacher in Everett Washington. I’m currently teaching third but have also taught 4th and 5th. I was a computer instructor a few decades ago ( when they first came out) and have always thought our students need to know more about what computers can do, can’t do, and could do! Our students did the hour of code and loved it last year so I thought I’d learn a bit myself so maybe I could do more with them next year!

Hello! I’m Lori. I’m a teacher librarian in Portland, Oregon. I am planning to use the K-5 curriculum with my students next year. Two years ago, I was teaching an elective technology class to middle school students, and they completed (and LOVED) the Hour of Code. I’m looking forward to sharing with and learning from all of you.

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Franklin. I am a fourth grade Math/Science teacher at Mission Bend Elementary School in Houston, Texas. I have been in education for 10 years.
This past school year, I put together two groups of fourth/fifth graders to compete in our district’s Robotics Competition. Long story short, we took second place. Now I want to introduce my robotics club members to “coding”. I am a huge proponent of STEM. I think these skills are essential for students to have. More later😀 twitter

Hi, my name is Carol and I teach 4th grade Math/Science/Social Studies in Cedar Park, Texas. Teaching is my fourth career but my favorite, it is exciting to have a whole new class of potential every year. I am teaming this year after being self contained so I anticipate having extra time to integrate coding into our “flex” period each day.

Hummm, ice cream, is there a bad flavor?

My name is Faith Ndirangu from Kenya in Africa. I am a civil engineer but currently a homeschooling mom looking to introduce coding in Kenya. To achieve this, i have to learn coding in order to experience what my students will go through and also have an idea of what i will need to establish the coding center.

I hope that the community here will help me learn more and thus enhance my coding experience.

Twitter: @queendrash

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  • My name is Amy Stanley and I live and work in Smithfield, North Carolina which is exactly 1/2 between Florida and New York on Interstate 95. I work at our system’s district office as the Coordinator of Digital Learning for elementary. I am coming to Chicago in just 2 weeks for the code.org training to be an affiliate and I can not be more excited!
    I am @amyhstanley on Twitter, and my department’s blog is www.jcsinstructionaltech.blogspot.com. I have recently hosted a GoogleCS club at a nearby middle school and have always promoted the Hour of Code with our technology educators. I love seeing the excitement when kids start exploring on their own and I can’t wait to share the ideas with our K-5 teachers! I really don’t like coffee, but I do love ice cream and of course my favorite is chocolate!

New favorite quote…Nothing is Impossible the word itself says “I’m Possible”

Hello! My name is Amanda, and I am a computer teacher for K-2 students at Gerrardstown Elementary in Gerrardstown, WV. I was asked to learn more about coding and its possibilities for schools in my county as a last-minute, hey there is a training, can you go to it, kind of way last year. I ended up in Philly for training and have become completely intrigued by it ever since. Unfortunately, I feel as if I’m not presenting it the way that I should in order for my age-level students to truly appreciate what they are learning. So I am here mainly for help with ideas before the start of next school year creeps up on me.

P.S. I’m obsessed with almost any and all ice cream! SO FREAKING GOOD!

Hello everyone!

My name is Janice Mak and I live and work in Phoenix, AZ. I teach middle school STEM and am an instructional coach for K-6. I’m a district affiliate for Paradise Valley Unified School District.
Twitter @jmakaz
Linkedin: Janice Mak
Blog: supercodingpower.blogspot.com
My students from two years ago are actually on the Hour of Code trailers shouting “Hour of Code!”

Favorite ice-cream flavor: mango

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My name is Katie Lavin and I am a teacher and Tech Coordinator for Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy. MSA is a K - 8 Chicago Public School found on the near south side of Chicago (near Comiskey Park). I taught junior high math and science for eight years before transitioning into my current position as tech coordinator. I wear a host of hats at MSA: teach computer class to all K - 8 students, hardware and software upkeep for the building, provide all tech professional development, update all school social media outlets (school website, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), run our student news broadcast, along with a few other odds and ends : )

Twitter: @lavin135 @MSAUpdates
YouTube: MSAUpdates

I taught the Code.org Course 1 - 3 to all my K - 8 students for the past two years. I love Code.org and recently became a Code.org K-5 affiliate. I am looking forward to sharing the Code.org curriculum with other teachers this summer through my professional development sessions!

I LOVE soccer and still play competitively! Go USA!

I agree, Heidi! BTW we are looking for some folks in Idaho who might want to start getting together in person regularly. What city do you think we should look at? Would you be interested in being part of that group? Email me melissa dot jones at code dot org

My name is Eric. I’m a 5th grade teacher in Wahpeton, ND. I’m going to use this training to teach an after school program. I’m hoping this will give that interested group of students a positive direction to go with their lives. Many of them do not have home computers. This program seems to be the perfect mix of engaging and challenging. I’m hopping I can learn enough to teach this course with momentum and enthusiasm!
It would be nice to know if anyone else started a club for this program and how they got it started.

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Hello fellow coding enthusiasts!

My name is Angela Dolheimer and I currently live/work in the Mechanicsburg-Carlisle Area in Pennsylvania. I teach elementary computer classes in the Cumberland Valley School District. I am interested in being a part of this online community because I am passionate about computer science! I have participated in the Hour of Code for the past 2 years, and am currently teaching my first Coding Camp using Code.org resources. Yay! Thanks for this opportunity to join such an awesome PLC!. Cheers! ~Angie~

Twitter @ejdvideo
My teacher website http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/adolheimer/

Hello Coders!,

My name is Silvia Mendoza-Stout. I teach 1st grade in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been doing the hour of code for 2 years and I am truly amaze with the results. I am here to learn more on how to implement coding in my school with all K-5 students.

I know that technology is the key for our future and I would like to get my students ready for what is to come.



Hello all,
I’m Chris Smith and I teach in Lithia Springs, GA - just west of Atlanta. I’ve been a teacher for 10 years, 5 in 5th grade and 5 in middle school ( 7th and 8th grade math). I have been given the opportunity to teach computer science when school begins in August and this is all brand new and exciting to me. I will teach connections, which means I will teach 6 - 8 grade students.
I attended a code.org workshop on June 1st and completed an Hour of Code that same evening. I have been working through Course 2 because I think that is where I will begin with my students in the fall. This is going to be a new program at my school and I am going through this course to get an idea of what and how to teach in the upcoming school year.
Wish me luck!
My favorite things are boating, swimming, motorcycling, cave diving and reading!

Hi, my name is Rosey Koehler. I am the RSP teacher at a 3rd-6th grade elementary school in West Covina, California. I recently took the Code.org instructor course, and am very excited about teaching coding to my special education students. I look forward to lots of great ideas from this forum.

Hi I am Angie Kalthoff. I live in Richmond, MN and am a Technology Integrationist in the St.Cloud Area School District. Prior to my role as a technology integrationist I taught English to primary students, most often kindergartners. I am excited to be a Code.org affiliate because I used Code.org in my school district and saw the challenges and joys it brought to my students. When I find something that works well for students I want to share it with as many educators as possible.

You can find out more about me on my website tinyurl.com/angiekalthoff and connect with me on Twitter @MrsKalthoff

I have too many favorite ice cream flavors… If I have to choose a couple it would have to be strawberry or cookie dough.