- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


My name is Joshua Jawitz-McClellan. I teach 8th grade Algebra, Math 8, and Geometry at Lawrence Gifted Magnet in Chatsworth, California. I have already endeavored to enrich my classes with technology for both of its ability to be dynamic and interactive as well as to engage my students. I am definitely known as the “gadget teacher” as I love technology is all aspects of my life, not just in my classroom but in my home life as well.


My name is Vanessa Nance, and I teach Algebra I in South Florida. My interest in Computer Science was piqued when I was recently enrolled in a web designing course.


I teach 6th grade math and social studies. I have always been interested in integrating more classroom strategies with technology to get the kids hooked on the lesson of the day. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.


Hi all, Jorge Chia here. I’m an 8th grade math teacher at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School in Boyle Heights, CA. I’m interested in CS because I wanted to do programming myself in College until i ran into a wall with my first programming class. I would love a second opportunity to learn programming and I think it would be a great opportunity to learn with my students as well. I love computer hardware and have a technology club at my school where we take apart and build computers.


Hi my name is Jennifer Calderon and I will be teaching Algebra and Geometry next year at my new school Gulfstream Middle in Broward County Florida. I have never taught computer science and quite honestly I don’t know much about it. I am looking forward to learning lots of new things and I am starting to prepare for some positive new things, including this computer science in algebra.

Outside of the classroom–I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 little daughters, playing soccer or watching soccer, traveling, and relaxing at home or on the beach.


Hello Fellow Students,

It is nice to meet you all. We coming from all over the US and that feels very exciting!

My name is Allesa. I teach 6-8 grade Math. Currently, I am at SouthWest Middle School in Orlando, Florida. It may be that I transfer to Maitland Middle School. Both excellent public schools.

I have had EA Sports come into my classroom to engage my students into the world of gaming and Math. From there,
I started to learn beginning coding, so we went into the computer lab and started on FROZEN with

Now I am happily here as a Guest. Looking forward to meeting everyone at some point to exchange ideas and our love of Math and Technology!


Good afternoon/evening, everyone. My name is Peter Ullmann, and I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade Chorus and 7th grade STEM at John Hanson Middle School in Charles County, Maryland. As a teacher that does not teach Science or Mathematics directly, I feel that this will be an interesting and eye-opening experience for me. I also believe that this will be a richly rewarding experience as well, as it will help me to focus on better instruction for my STEM classes.


Hi, my name is Deb North and I am moving from Saghalie STEM Middle School in Federal Way having taught 6-8 math/science, computer apps and related programs to West Hills STEM Academy in Bremerton, WA where I will be teaching the same. As a side note, two years ago I introduced to our school and last year, our class went through the self-guided lessons.

In 1981, I began my first career as a Systems Engineer for IBM. Then in 1997, I became a database administrator for BMC Software. Then volunteered in our three daughters schools on the technology committee. At this point in my life my main interest is to get more kids interested, particularly girls. I am saddened by relative lack of woman in technology careers and frankly, in the underrepresented areas I serve, the number of girls who don’t believe they can do the math or programming or are unaware of career opportunities in the tech fields.

Well, outside of the classroom, what is that? Just kidding, I love to travel, paddleboard, kayak, knit, hike, sew, read and spend time with my family, consisting of my parents, mother-in-law, three daughters, two son-in-laws, one granddaughter and one on the way.


I also enjoyed reading about where everybody is from. I was surprised we are entering from all over the country. What do you like to do in your free time?


Wow, I didn’t know they had pinball tournaments! That sounds fun.


Hi…my name is Brian, and I teach 8th Grade Science in Charles County, MD. In addition to teaching science, I have a passion for teaching technology. I’ve been my school’s Lego Robotics coach for the past two years, and I plan to continue to be so. Eventually, I plan to switch to teaching technology, so I’m really looking forward to enhancing my knowledge of computer programming.


Hello! I teach junior high math. I am interested in all things math and technology, so computer science is a perfect combination of both!

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy reading. I am always finding little projects to keep busy with :slight_smile:


I teach 8th grade math at Wadsworth Middle School in Medina County in Northeast Ohio. I teach a Math 8 course as well as Honors Algebra. I have always enjoyed working with technology and loved my computer programming courses in high school (many moons ago!). I am so excited to be able to integrate this into my algebra curriculum so that my student can have hands on practice with how algebra is applicable in the real world. When I am not teaching, I usually spend time at the beach, reading (which I never seem to have time to do during the school year) and spending time with my family. I have a nine year old son who has done the hour of code tutorials and is so excited that I am taking this course.


Hi everyone. I teach math for Idaho Digital Learning Academy. I got my masters in Educational Technology and since then I have loved all things technological when it comes to teaching. I like learning more of coding and am looking forward to what this has to offer.

Outside of teaching I have 4 kids that I cook for, drive around, coach in basketball and soccer, and just love to spend time with. I also play on a city soccer team.


My name is Kami McLaughlin and I am the 7th grade Algebra Honors teacher at Falcon Cove Middle School. I am interested in incorporating computer science into the classroom because of the interest and excitement that has created through coding week. The students become very engaged and get excited about learning math through coding. I am always looking for ways to make the coursework relevant to the interests of the students.
Outside of the classroom, I spend time with my 5 year old son and scuba dive.


My name is Andrea Kamay. I am an 8th grade Algebra 1 Honors teacher at Falcon Cove Middle school in Weston, Florida.
I am interested in Computer Science because I believe many of students are capable of creating careers in the field. I did the activity last year on the computer and my students loved it and I had more students then ever apply to be in the Computer Science program at their high schools. I believe Computer Science is the future and I want my students to be the best prepared for the future.
Outside of school I enjoy going to the beach (typical South Florida girl), diving, and working out.


I’m Lisa Morgan, and I teach all levels of math for Idaho Digital Learning Academy. We are an online school based in Boise, ID, but servicing students through the entire state.

Although I took Computer Science in high school (20-ish years ago), the teacher left something to be desired. I married a computer programmer, however, and his work has greatly interested me. The Hour of Code brought programming to my own kids’ level. All of my kids, from my 8-year-olds to my 4-year-old, LOVED their coding time! From there, I attended a one-day workshop in Boise about as applied to Elementary School. I took that education and created a one-day class for a pre-school group of 4-year-olds, and was amazed to see the concepts catch hold in their brains. Their families were amazed. I’d like to extend that excitement and amazement to the math classes that I teach.

Outside of the classroom, my passion is books. I LOVE books! I love playing with my five kids, especially reading with them. We’re currently in the middle of the Little House series, but have enjoyed Edward Eager’s Half Magic series and lots of other stand-alone books.


I’d love to get your list of “nerdy math novels”!


My name is Catherine Chacon and I am technology teacher/tech coordinator/CS4all coordinator for James Ward Elementary School. I am glad to be part of this program and hope to bring new and interesting things to my students.


My name is Kelly McAllister and I teach 8th grade math at Woodward Park Middle School in Columbus, Ohio. I attended a session at a technology conference where they showed how they used coding in the classroom. They also showed the statistics for the need of computer programmers and I was sold. I knew I needed to do what I can to expose my students to it. I had my students play around a little with coding this past month and they loved it. Outside the classroom I love camping, the beach, snowboarding, fishing, and summer time with my kids:)