ECS Forum Introductions (15-16 school year)


In our online PD you will have many opportunities to connect with other teachers through a forum. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself by sharing the same information that each of the facilitators shared on the previous level. In your first post take a minute and introduce yourself by sharing your teaching background and any hobbies or pastimes you enjoy!

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Hello there. I’m Derek Arnell and in my 5 years in education, I’ve accumulated a lot of different experiences. I can honestly say that each year I’ve taught something different. In my student teaching experience I taught your run of the mill business courses at the high school level; marketing, finance, accounting, and keyboarding/word processing. When my first full time teaching position, I taught Econ and Microsoft Office. The next year after that I taught a class called 21st centuy skills that incorporated multiple tech essentials. This past year I taught ECS the best I can going off the given curriculum. I’m looking forward to learning more of the nuances of the teaching this course from colleagues in the same boat.

For fun, I like to bike, hike, follow sports, and movies.


My name is JB, I am in my 20th year of teaching a varying degree of subjects. Started as a math teacher, with subjects from Consumer math ranging to Calculus. Moved into the Microsoft Office field for many years and finally ended up in CTE. Spent the last few years teaching Tech. Ed. with a focus on a course called Foundations of Technology. Our ever evolving CTE curriculum is now moving us toward CSE and as I have always done, I will change my hat. I enjoy teaching but my real passion is for coaching (basketball) and I spend most of my time preparing my athletic teams for competition which is a 12 month a year job.


My name is Alex Kovach and I’m in my 6th year of teaching. The first three years I taught 9th grade physical science and a general science class. As I started to use more and more technology in my classroom and saw the impact it could make I started to drift away from science. After my third year I moved the role of Technology Integration Specialist, which is a long name for someone who works with teachers on integration of technology into their classes and the curriculum. I really miss teaching my own classes and am very excited to start teach ECS next year for the first time at my school.

I am also the asst. boys soccer coach and love playing soccer myself in my spare time. I pretty much like playing any sports or any sort of physical activity and I love The Ohio State Buckeyes.


My name is Jerry Fong, this is my 10th year teaching in the Franklin Pierce School District. I am teaching at Washington High School, I have mainly taught business classes, such as, business management, financial literacy, marketing, and digicom. I love football and coaching.


My name is Patrick and this is the end of my 8th year in the Chicago Public Schools. I have taught the traditional “MS Office & Keyboarding” class, AP CS, Gaming Concepts (CTE program) and used pieces of the ECS curriculum within all of them.

I am the head varsity baseball coach, asst. boys softball coach, moderator of the WWE club and help with the school’s student IT club. I, too, have an unhealthy loyalty to The Ohio State University athletic programs.


Hi Y’all my name is Arnie. I have been teaching computers science and the like for about 25 years. I started on Apple 2E and currently PC. I have experience in Pascal, Basic Fortran C C++ Java HTML and probably some that I have forgotten. I play golf on weekends. I am the assistant AD and the Voice of the Wildcats during the football season. I bike ride and have completed a 420 mile ride is 6 days. I am always up for something new and am looking forward to this change.


Hi! My name is Kim, and I am currently a math teacher. I am excited to be teaching a computer science course this year and am looking forward to learning as much as I can. In my free time, I like to read and watch TV. I also like to take courses as I love learning.


Hi, my name is Jamie Gant and I am a teacher in Miami Dade County Public Schools at Ronald Reagan/Doral Sr. High School. I teach a variety of computer concepts including AP Computer Science and Game/App Design and Programming where students program/code for their mobile devices. I teach and have my students build portfolios through our class website I have also taught Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop, Web Design with Dreamweaver and Content Management Systems, and Animation with Adobe Flash. My hobbies include obviously computers and learning. I also love to travel.


Hi! My name is Sinthuja, and I am currently finishing up my first year of teaching of Integrated Math 2. I am a teacher in Los Angeles with a CMO called Alliance and am excited about starting ECS at my school. I have been taking some online programming courses during my free time to develop my skills. On my weekends, I like to eat, hike, watch movies, read, and go to the beach =)



I’m CJ Fattig, a science teacher at Wendell High School in Wendell, Idaho. Our school is 9-12 and has just over 300 students. I have been teaching for 4 years now; in my previous life I was a veterinary technician, which was the springboard that put me on a path to a Biology degree. I’ve taught Physical Science and Environmental Science, and will be adding a section of Computer Science to my list of classes next year. I’m your typical scatterbrained nutty science teacher.

As far as hobbies go, I love to read, play “Scramble with Friends” and have a 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.


My name is Sarah Gordy. I have taught middle school Science for 12 years (grades 6-8). I have also taught middle school social studies. Both my Bachelor and Master degrees are in education. I am currently completing my last course to gain admin. certification. I will begin interning this summer!


Hi, I’m Mike. This is my 12th year of teaching computer science, information technology, and software applications courses at both the high school and collegiate levels. Some of the courses I have taught include AP Computer Science, Principles of Programming in Java, Advanced Principles of Programming in Java, Advanced Data Structures, Advanced Object-Oriented Design, Introduction to Computer Information Systems, and many similar technology courses. Throughout my teaching career, I have always focused on providing opportunities for students to develop their own creative software products and original creation. In other words, my end goal has always been to develop student skills for self-sufficiency and freedom of expression.

In my free time, I work on various side jobs and projects. I enjoy a wide range of special interests including poker theory, general reading, watching movies, sports, political science and philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, and many others.


Hello! I’m Lynesa I am a second year CTE Teacher. I teach MOS, Keyboarding and the NAF curriculum for Magnet students. I am extremely excited about this program.

I enjoy spending time with my 3 year old son, reading, watching movies and going to the spa.


My name is Tony Barbuto. I have been teaching English as a second language for the past 14 years at Southern Alamance High School in central North Carolina. Before that I worked as a computer programmer in industry, and before that taught English as a foreign language and Spanish. This year I started teaching Computer Programming I in addition to ESL.

My hobbies and interests include home brewing, biking, reading, gardening, and taking care of my water garden.


Hello Cohort 2 and other team members. My name is Trista Bonds. I am a CTE Teacher with Chicago Public Schools. My primary courses that I teach are Pre-Engineering but I look forward to teaching Computer Science as well. I look forward to meeting you all in the Summer Training classes and throughout the school year as we continue to develop our computer science skills together.


My name is Brigitte & this is my 8th year teaching mathematics – currently Trigonometry / Analysis and AP Calculus BC. My interests include yoga, fantasy books, & crossword puzzles! I hold a Minor in Information & Computer Science as well as a Credential in Computers from UCI.


Hi my name is Kathy Cudak. I have been teaching computers to high school students since 1986. Needless to say I have seen vast changes. I have a MS degree in Computer Science, but most courses have focused on the applications of computers. I am excited to see the return of interest in programming. I took a CS course at Duke University last summer in Alice Programming. Loved the drag and drop format. Teaching 4 classes of Alice this year to my high School students including Dual Enrollment Alice.
In my spare time I breed and show champion golden retrievers. I currently have 4 and they are my passion. After a long day with teenagers it is nice to come home to my dogs who don’t ever sass you. :smile:


Hello, my name is Jon Mulvihill. I have been a teacher for 10 years now primarily teaching Honors Geometry until this year. This year I have 4 sections of computer applications in which I teach the basics of the google applications docs, sheets, and slides. I have also introduced my students to JavaScript programming through Khan Academy. I also teach two sections of coding in which we have learned Java through and mobile coding in both android and ios through I have learned a lot this year and am eager to continue my own learning as well as introducing my students to new material. My goal for my school is to bring computer science to the mainstream and have multiple sections of AP computer science.
In my “spare time” I attend my three kids sporting events, hunt, fish, and I play slow pitch softball. I coach youth football, youth wrestling, and high school football. I enjoy the outdoors.


Out of curiosity, what is your level of education and degree? I am currently in the process of attaining my masters degree in computer science but my undergrad was in physics. I would love to be able to teach my students some of the topics that you have listed above.