Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello @skitts!

Welcome to the forum! I did the same many years ago until CSD became available. I think you’ll really enjoy using the structured curriculum- so many great resources and the kids truly love it! Reach out if there’s anything you need!


Hello, my name is Gloria. I am teaching CS Fundamentals to 2nd an 3rd Grade. However I wanted to take a look to CS Discovery since I intend to star teaching Middle schoolers. So far looks very interesting.

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Welcome to the forum! Using Fundamentals first helped me to transition into Discoveries more easily I think.

There are 5 day summer workshops for CS Discoveries, that helps a lot with the implementation of CSD.

Hi, I am Kathryn Anthony, I teach 8th grade. I plan to teach Units 1 & 2 and hopefully 3 if I get the chance. I am excited about coding in general!

Hello, my name is Meaghan Norlander and I teach middle school CSD to 7th and 8th graders at W. H. Gaston middle school in Dallas, TX.

I have a question I hope someone can answer; is there a way to assign different units to different students? I have some self-paced students ready for Lesson 2 while others are still progressing in Level 1.

If there isn’t a way to assign different levels by the student, is there a good way for the high flyers to keep going?

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

Hi, I’m Ben. I teach CS after-school to 5th graders and upwards during weekends. My students are excited about web technologies, and so am I. I love the overall structure of the course and its rich content. Looking forward to learning more about teaching CS as time passes.

Hello, I am Bart (Online known as asuna.)
I am an experienced progammer that took 2 years of computer science AP classes.
I’m a senior in highschool and have done lots of work in the code.org app lab scene. If you ever need help w/ figuring out how to teach your students I may be able to help, or I can help with programming or app lab related questions, thanks!

Sean Wasson
Grade 8
Units 3, 4, 5, 6
I am part of the Philadelphia #TeacherCon crew. Every year is fun. I am interested in checking out the new Unit 7.

Hello and welcome to the Teacher Forum! My 8th graders loved creating websites and games.

Welcome to the community!
There is not a way to assign different levels to different students in the same class on Code. You could put this question into the Forum to get responses from other teachers and how they manage students that are completing lessons quickly.

A work around that some people use is to create different classes in Code for your class and then have different assignments for the different classes you created within Code.

Hope this helps!

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Welcome to the Forum Ben! I enjoyed teaching Discoveries and students love it too.

Welcome Sean! That new unit looks very interesting and fun!

My name is Clint Eaton. I teach grades 9 through 11. I am learning about CS discoveries and am not currently teaching. I am excited about the possible opportunity created by teaching the course.


My name is Rich Horton, and I am new to CS Discoveries. New class for me this year, mostly 9th grade students, and I am still exploring the content that I would like to use with my students.


Hi everyone. My name is Xenia. I am so excited to get started.

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Good Day.

My name is Alfa Muhammad. I will be teaching Computer Fundamentals and Discoveries this year to primary and secondary students respectively.

Looking forward to plenty of guidance and advice!

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Hello, I’m Mr. Mackey. (no, not from Southpark, mmmmkay) I teach K-6 STEM in Arkansas and I"m just getting started with CS Discoveries. I try to have a unit from each STEM ‘discipline’ for each 9 weeks. I’m hoping to use CS Discoveries in my tech unit this year.

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Hello my name is Beth. I teach 11th and 12th Graders with limited to no exposure to CS . My class had had fun with the first 2 lessons of Unit 1.

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My Name is Damien Boada and I have the unique challenge of taking over a teacher’s have way through the semester. I have two classes (6th and 7th graders) doing Units 1-3 (We skipped over Unit 2 and jumped right into Unit 3) and then an 8th grade class working on Units 3-6.

I enjoy the overall theme of problem solving in this curriculum!

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Hello CSD Champions, My name is Cheryl and I am from Alaska. I am exploring all things Computer Science Discoveries. I am exploring the online Computer Science Discoveries PL series to get better acquainted with what levels of support Cdoe.org provides for our new “lead learners”. I look forward to sharing what I find with other 6-9th grade teachers in Alaska. I highly recommend the new online PL for Computer Science Discoveries teachers if you want to dig in a try Computer Science Discoveries out with your students. If you want to learn more or dig deeper into what your state offers to deepen your understanding apply for you state’s summer institute.