Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello! My name is Tracy and I teach Fundamentals of Computer Science, Computer Science 1 and AP Computer Science Principles this year among other technology classes at the high school level. I use all of the units in CS Discoveries for my Fundamentals class.


Welcome to the forum @tracy.curry ! We’re so glad you’ve come to check it out. We look forward to your questions and ideas!

Kristie Hillenmeyer
Grades K-8
Not sure yet what I will teach.

Thanks for sharing what’s available and help getting started. Code.org also has a few video series that teachers new to Code might find helpful. Check them out here. Getting Started with Code.org - YouTube And Teacher Tips - YouTube

Welcome to the Teacher Forum. Hope you find it useful as you go through this year with all those CS classes.

Welcome to the Forum Kristie!
If you have questions when you get started, you have found the place to go to get your questions answered.

I took the online course for the CS Discoveries, plus submitted the verfied teacher form and I still don’t have access. Any ideas?

Hey @kristie.hillenmeyer -

I would reach out to support@code.org- they should be able to take a look and get you set up. I’m not sure how long it usually takes for the verified status to take effect, but that would be a good place to start.

Congrats on completing the training!

Hi! I’m shiehwei. I’m exploring in teaching CS Discoveries to my daughter. She is home schooling right now. Really excited to introduce her to the world of computer science!


Welcome, @shiehwei!

The forum is a great place for resources and questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything. I think you’ll love the curriculum, as will your daughter!


Hi! My name is Ben I just started teaching CS 3 weeks ago due to some changes in my district, so I’m a little behind in the year. I teach grades 7-12. I have started with Unit 1 and am not really sure what other units I’ll be teaching. I am excited (and a little nervous) about all of it.

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Welcome to the forum @ben.wheeler ! We’re glad to have you! This is a great place to get answers to questions, resources, and find like-minded educators.

Hey @ben.wheeler!

I’m guessing you didn’t have an opportunity to take a summer PD course for CS Discoveries based on your post about the changes in your district. There is a self-paced professional development course online that you could use to help you get up to speed if you need extra help along the way. Otherwise, please reach out on the forum as there are so many helpful resources and people here to help!

Have fun and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

Hello, I’m Jamal Broy from Parkside STEAM Community Academy… This is my first year teaching CS through the Code.org site.

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Hello @jybroy1!

Welcome to the forum! I hope it’s going well- it’s such a fun curriculum for teachers and students alike with so many great resources. Don’t hesitate to visit the forum if you have any questions that come up this year!


Hi, my name is Ricky Villacorte. I’m the Instructional Technology TOSA for our District and will not be teaching a class this year. I’m here to learn and get familiar with Code.org because I’ll be supporting a new STEM teacher for 7th/8th grade students.


Welcome to the forum for code.org. That’s great that you are getting familiar with the tools and curriculum! Let us know at any time if we can help you with any questions you may have!


My name is Dillyn Sprecher. I teach 6th-8th. I’m not sure what units I will teach yet, but I am looking to enrich my sixth-grade curriculum in the future. For now, I am just seeing what is to offer.

I am Ridvan Bunjaku. I teach grades 10-12 and college-level.
I plan to teach all units of CS Discoveries.
I am the president of Associacion of Informatics in Kosova and I am most excited about training other teachers in Kosova for CS Discoveries, via the Associacion.

Welcome to the community.
This might help you out to see how CSDiscoveries could help enrich your program. It links to a self-paced PD