Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Welcome to the community!
We are here to help as you work through Discoveries and answer questions you have.

Hello, world! I’m Gabriel Carulla, English teacher, Journalism Student and Tech Enthusiastic from the Northeastern of Brazil! It’s a pleasure to be here with you guys. Currently, I teach elementary and middle school and I’m willing to implement the CS Fundamentals and the CS Discoveries in the school I work, offering myself as the teacher of those courses and perhaps training other teachers to work with me in this project! Wish me luck!

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That’s wonderful. Welcome to the community of CS teachers.
We are here to help you out and answer questions.
You may want to check out the self-directed professional development for Computer Science Discoveries here. Code.org

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Kelly Peterson. Teaching grades 6,8, 9-12. Been teaching for a long time, but this is my first year teaching Technology and Computer Science at the High School level.


Welcome to the CS community!

Greetings All!
Jen K here from Dearborn Michigan. I teach 10-12 grade students in a variety of classes from AP CSP to ArcGIS to UAV Challenge. I’m adding a Web Design Class this trimester and I’m very excited to find out that Code.org offers a section on this.

Welcome to the CS Discoveries community. Will you be using Unit 2?
Let us know in the Discoveries Forum if you have any questions or need help on anything.

Hello! My name is Leslie Ferre and I teach middle school coding. We did Scratch last semester and I am planning to have my students branch out into other languages/formats for coding. I am hoping that CS Discoveries is the right place for my students and me !

Welcome, @lferre!

I have used Scratch in the past as well. I think CS Discoveries can be a very good next step. For students who already have a basic understanding of computational thinking, I think they will like being able to switch from block to text mode (as they are able and ready) and get their first experience with a text-based language.

For those who still need more “block” support, they can continue to have that help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with more specific questions if you run into them as you get going!


My name is Dayna Prevost and I teach middle school (6th-8th). My students have been asking me about coding so I would like to incorporate CS Discoveries as part of our curriculum. I am not sure which units I will teach because I need to make sure they earn an industry certification since we are a CTE class.

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I’m Stephanie. Our district has a new all-virtual academy and we are working to bring CS Discoveries to them. We want them to have the same opportunities as the students in our traditional schools. We will be working with grades 6-8. I’m excited about this new adventure for our students; nervous to be involved in something new!

Welcome Dayna,
We are here to help when you have specific questions.
Hope you are able to find something that fits your needs.

Hi Everyone!
My name is Joe Estrema, I teach 6th and 7th grade Tech Ed (STEAM). I’ve been wanting to incorporate coding/computer science into my curriculum for awhile now. It might be a little tricky implementing this in a virtual setting but we’ll see how it goes!

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Heloo, I am David Gundrum and I am just about to start a semester session of CS Discoveries with a variety of students. The school wanted to introduce an Engineering / Coding course and since the first semester was engineering, I chose CSD as the second semester portion to give a basic introduction to coding. I plan to do the Introduction, Web Design and App Development units in the course. Overall, I am excited that the lessons are already written for me since my last experience in coding (aside from some attempts at robotics) is back in college attempting Fortran 7.

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Hello, I am Rachel Stokes and I have been using Code.org in my elementary computer classes for about 4 years. This semester I will be teaching a high school class for the first time and will be doing the CS Discoveries course. I’m not sure how many units I will get through but I’m going to start with the first 2 and see how it goes from there. I’m excited and a little nervous about teaching this section but I just plan on learning along with my students.

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Hi, my name is Paul Rallion. I teach 7th and 8th grades, and I taught Units 1 and 2 the first semester, and will do Units 3 and 4 the second semester. I am excited about CS Discoveries’ engaging lessons and varied activities. During remote learning last year, we only started Unit 3, but this year I’m looking forward to enjoying Units 3 and 4. :+1:t3:


Hello Joe,
Welcome to the Teacher Forum where you can search past topics to help and get questions answered.

Welcome @paul.rallion @rachel.stokes @gundrum
Here are a couple of recommendations if you want to learn more about the Computer Science Discoveries Curriculum and getting started.
Self directed PD

Youtube videos for getting classes started


Hey Everyone!!

Hoping everyone is staying safe and working passionately.
My name is Hamza and I have been Beijing based for the past 10 years. Finally getting an opportunity to teach something below Grade 11s and 12s and university level CS courses, I am super excited to use Code.org to teach adolescents.
It does look easy to teach younger adults but it is equally challenging to keep their interests and I am certain that Code org’s fantastic work is going to be helpful.

I plan to begin as scaled up and what I am most excited about is on how Code org’s material is all web based which is definitely going to be helpful in a school that caters chrome book’s only.

Glad to be part of the community!!
Cheers!! <3 :star_struck:

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My name is Shelly. Our district is evaluating computer science curriculum for grades 6th-8th. I have used code.org in the past at the elementary level but will be preparing myself to teach middle schoolers computer science. Since we are new to the CS Discoveries curriculum, we would like to teach Units 1-3 at the least. Unit 2 looks like the most fun to me but Unit 3 looks to be a favorite for students. Looking forward to networking with all of you!