Need help: CS Discoveries and School Closure

Several questions as I was in unit 6 with Circuit Playgrounds when the closures occurred. I would like to have students review what they have learned by going into game lab, app lab, etc that we used in previous lessons and create something else using hte units and lessons we previously created as reviews. Can I have students create coding in Game Lab or App Lab and be able to see it without it being connected to a CS Discoveries Unit. If so, are there any premade instructions or rubrics for something like this somewhere?

That’s a great idea, @delilah.heil. Yes, there is a way you can have students directly access game lab and app lab.

Here’s a link to gamelab. If you scroll down, there is a section called “Sample Projects”. If you mouse over them, they give students a challenge. If you click on them, they open up with some sample code that is annotated with comments. Students can run the projects and then add to them. There’s also a gallery of other student projects they could explore, remix and/or try to improve on.

They can also just create a blank project from scratch. It will be saved in their account and if you allow sharing, they can copy a URL to send to you.

Same thing exists for App Lab here:

Both also have videos at the bottom of the page to remind (or teach) students how to do certain things.

I hope this helps a little! I vaguely recall some other teachers posting gamelab challenges for their students, but I couldn’t find the link to that. It’s somewhere in the forum!

Good luck!



I am thinking ahead to opening school. In Unit 1 the boat exercise will not be possible if we start off with distance learning. Any suggestions for an alternate activity?


The CSD updated curriculum for 20-21 will include several alternatives for the Unit 1 boat activity. I’m not sure if there are any that will accommodate remote learning, but I know there will be alternatives.

I actually field tested the new curriculum in September 2019. I just checked. I don’t see any alternates that you had indicated. I am hoping that others might have a suggestion.

I checked again and found it. However, the suggested activities would work better as a group. Another teacher suggested a paper airplane activity that I will probably use if we are not in the classroom in August.

Thank you for sharing this @mwood! Excited to teach CS Discoveries this year for the first time.

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When will the new curriculum be available on the website?

It should be available now

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